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Original Writing - The Comparison Between Farmer Lodge of Paulus Eysendyck

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Adam Peters 11YF Original Writing The Comparison Between Farmer Lodge of Paulus Eysendyck 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy and 'Country Lover's' by Nadine Gordimer deal with relationships, affairs, and both end in tragedy. Although these 2 stories are based around these points the difference in settings are huge, 'The withered Arm' is set in 19th Century England, but 'Country Lovers' is set in the 1960's in South Africa. The cultural and historical background of these 2 stories is of very important. In South Africa the government introduced apartheid to separate the blacks and whites. 'The Withered Arm', shows social-class differences. The difference in speech and in the characters background is very great, between Farmer Lodge and Rhoda Brooks. The 2 main male, central characters in both stories could be labeled as using woman. They both use woman badly and you could almost say that they are womanizers in a certain way. Farmer Lodge, from 'The Withered Arm', was having an affair with Rhoda Brooks. Paulus Eysendyck in 'Country Lovers' also cheated, he has a secret relationship with a black girl and also sleeps around with white girls. ...read more.


He fell in love with a coloured girl, but due to society and the nature of their relationship, at the time, it remained a secret. If people were to find out that they were having a relationship then Eysendyck would have had to face severe consequences. His family would have cast him out. The story is set in South Africa so the apartheid kept the relationship a secret mainly because society frowned upon the black people, as the whites ruled the country. The blacks were oppressed and powerless. They were separated by law. Paulus fell in love with a black girl, Thebidi, and as he is white he kept the relationship secret. Paulus attended a vetenary college after schooling. At his college he took other girls out, white girls. He took them to the swimming pool, to the cinema and drove them around in his car. Paulus felt free and relaxed around white girls and took them out in public. He still refused to tell anyone about Thebidi. When he returned from college he again slept with Thebidi and eventually got her pregnant. ...read more.


Paulus, remember, actually had a child with Thebidi, accident or not, he shows love and affection towards Thebidi. "He brought home for Thebidi a painted box he had made in his wood work class". He brought her hand crafted presents, now that would have taken time and effort. This shows sincerity and innocent love, not tainted by the apartheid attitude. Farmer Lodge, on the other hand, showed his affection by visiting his son in prison before his execution. Now that might sound loving anyway, but the fact that he had ignored and refused to recognize him as his son for 20 odd year before hand, added to the fact he did care, "... he had attended in court during the trail. This was the 'holiday' he had been indulging on of late". In conclusion, these 2 stories show that times haven't changed. These stories weren't only set in different time periods but in different countries. Paulus Eysendyck and Farmer Lodge were both people who used women for their own pleasure. Even though Framer Lodge tried to make up for his sins, it doesn't excuse him from the pain he caused. ...read more.

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