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Original Writing - THE LIVING DEAD

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The Living Dead By Giovanna Miracca Machado I didn't know I was going to see what I saw. If I did I would have never got on that bus. All I wanted to do was meet my long lost cousin. I was young, only sixteen and I didn't know any better. So I decided to take the bus. Alone. At night. The clouds had obscured the moon that night so it was dark. Too dark. And from the window all you could see was what the headlights were illuminating. I wasn't scared, except that I was sitting next to an old man, who every five seconds looked my way, under his black hat and above his woollen scarf. I could feel his eyes on me, and every time I tried looking at him, he would look out of the window I was sitting next to, pretending it wasn't me who his eyes were searching for. I decided to ignore him and on the second I closed my eyes, the bus broke down. ...read more.


It was then that I heard a ghostly noise, like a scream. Like something or someone trying to escape. Or was I just imagining it? No, it was real. And then I stopped. I looked down and I saw a single finger emerging off the ground. Now I wasn't scared, I was absolutely terrified! Compared to this, the man at the bus was like a dream, and this was the nightmare. The finger looked rotten, dead. The finger slowly showed to be part of a hand, which then showed to be part of a revolting, grotesque monster. Its skin was starting to disintegrate. Its eyes were dark like a wolf's fur and when it looked at me I felt like it was looking at my soul. I was hypnotised for a few seconds. I couldn't stop staring. Was it a monster? Was it only my imagination? I realised I would have to run from that thing which seemed to have just awakened from the dead if I wanted to survive. ...read more.


A warning about my future? As I said before, that thing looked like it had just awakened from the dead, so, as a piece of skin was coming off its face, it let go off me for a second to peel the rest of the skin off, leaving it all hanging to bones. I was disgusted, but that was my chance to survive. I ran for a few minutes too scared to look back. I saw a light. A light in a sea of darkness. Was it a car? Was it God coming to get me? I needed to stop; I just could not go on anymore. The light was the headlight of my bus. I screamed. I ran, I jumped, I done everything to be noticed. And I was. People came towards me, but the monster was nowhere around. I was sweating, still in shock. I told them what happened but they probably thought I was some sort of lunatic. But I know it happened. That's not the sort of thing you just imagine. Why me though? Why that night? The one and only thing I knew is that I really didn't want to find out. ...read more.

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