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Original writing This story starts with three teenage boys, Joel, Phil and Josh. They were funny, active and adventurous, but on this particular day they could not release any of these qualities for there was a thunderstorm outside

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Original writing This story starts with three teenage boys, Joel, Phil and Josh. They were funny, active and adventurous, but on this particular day they could not release any of these qualities for there was a thunderstorm outside and they had been told to stay inside by their parents because it was to dangerous. They lived in a place full of adventure, there were big lakes, large fields and an enormous forest which they had always been told to stay away from as strange things had happened in there. Josh and Phil were playing on the playstation and Joel was sitting on the window ledge with his head against the pane, looking out as the trickles of water came down. Just then Joel sat quickly up and had his whole face against the window, "what is it" said Josh and Phil, "didn't you just see that", "see what", "something large just ran into the forest", "are you sure you weren't just imaging it, it is a pretty boring day, your mind could be playing tricks on you", "no I defiantly saw it". Joel got up and ran outside into the pouring rain and heavy wind; "oi wait up" said Phil as he and Josh ran outside after Joel. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING" shouted Josh as it was so hard to speak because the wind and rain was to loud, "I'M GOING INTO THE FOREST TO FIND OUT WHAT THAT THING WAS, ARE YOU COMING WITH ME", Phil and Josh looked at each other then nodded. ...read more.


Thirty minutes had gone by without a sign of Phil, and by now Josh was starting to get really worried, whereas Joel seemed calm and unconcerned, this approach from Joel left Josh very suspicious of him. They both argued over what to do next, Josh wanted to go look for Phil, as he could be lost or in danger, whereas Joel wanted to stay warm and cosy in the shack. They finally decided to separate and Joel stayed put, while Josh went out into the forest looking for Phil. Josh had been walking now for about 3 miles and had got no where in his search for Phil. He was tired and decided to take a rest leaning against a tree and took a drink of water. As he was drinking he heard the rustle of leaves and birds suddenly flew out of the trees as though they had been spooked by something. He looked around frantically but decided to stay put. He said to himself over and over in his head that he's just imagining it and its paranoia. He kept looking side to side and had the feeling that he was being watched. He thought he saw something to his left, then heard the snapping of a dead twig, he turned in the opposite direction and ran as fast as he could and didn't look back. ...read more.


He looked at Joel's mangled body on the floor "what have I done". He ran through the forest not knowing where he was going as fast as he could. He saw himself again lying in the mud and it suddenly came to him what was happening. This was him hours ago just before he ran back to the cabin after seeing Phil in the forest. He realised that the other Josh was just about to kill Phil and Joel as he had done and that it could be going round in a sort of time-warp cycle thing. He knew that he must put a stop to it, to stop himself from killing his two best friends. He saw himself start talking to no one then get up and start running. Josh followed himself and was almost running along side him. The future Josh suddenly jolted his head towards his direction as if he saw him, this reminded him of when he was doing this earlier and had jolted his head. They were at the cabin and future Josh was about to enter, quickly he ran up behind him and rugby tackled him into the forest. They looked at each other, future Josh had his mouth open in shock, whereas the other Josh was in tears as he sank the knife into both there chests. No blood spilled out their bodies, but they just disintegrated into the ground and became like sand, which just blew away by the wind into the forest. ...read more.

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