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Original writing - Walking on pebbles.

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Walking on pebbles I must have been nine years old small a petite figure with mousey brown hair and big greeny blue eyes, when I first found out we were defiantly moving to Leeds. My mum, Theresa met Ian, my step dad in 1993 and then my little sister, Rebecca popped out so they decided to get married. I remember the wedding day so clearly I was in a pale lilac dress with flowers and my hair was up in what my mum called a sheinon, my older sister Jessica was in a pale pastel coloured dress that did wonders for her curvaceous figure. My mum also wore a lilac dress and scarf, she looked so beautiful with her long dark hair and pale complexion she reminded me of those models that had natural but different looks. We didn't have enough money to have a big fancy wedding instead mum invited who mattered and had a quaint little registrar wedding and for afters we all went to a place called the, Ferret Hall Bistro. Ian currently lived in Leeds and he toed and frowed from his house to our house it was difficult for mum and Ian at times not being able to spend what they called 'quality time' together. ...read more.


First day of high school crept up like a frost on a winter night. I was dressed in three sizes to big blazer and a skirt that looked more like a lamp shade than anything else. My hair was tied back all scrapped back, I hadn't added any style to it as I do now. Kay and I travelled to school together although we were enemies at primary school she lived right around the corner and we had started to get on. The corridor seemed to get longer the further we walked my stomach was churning and my mouth was dry. As I turned the silver cold handle I took a deep breath the last breath of primary school. The hall was full of voices all at a high pitched level, there were lots of unfamiliar faces some of which appealed to me some of which didn't. It felt like the first day of St.Pauls except there were about one hundred and fifty more people. I sat in my tutor assigned; there was only one face I was familiar with in my group that was Kirsty. ...read more.


Ian and Mum were still very much in love even though Ian worked long hours and often worked away at weekends. Jessica my older sister with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a pale complexion didn't get along with Ian at all they were both too much of the same person and they clashed. I was invited around to Joe's a couple of times it was fun because someone was always there and something was always going on. Once school started again it was the same old me I did try fit in with the "popular" people I just felt most of them were abit shallow. I did finally make some new friends though Vicky, Cara, Nat.P and I started talking to Nat.B a lot more too. She was just taller than me blonde frizzy hair and freckles she was popular and best friends with Natasha. Natasha was another popular girl she had big boobs mousey blonde/brown hair and she was loud and proud. If I was going to be friends with Nat Natasha came too, which I wasn't going to complain about after all the more friends the more popular I'd become. Natasha and Joe were good friends so ...read more.

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