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original writting

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Original Writing Coursework - My Typical Work Experience Day My first day of Work Experience began on 30th June, 2008. I woke up on that morning at 7am, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. My room was quite messy when I got up. I got out of bed, tidied up my bed and room, and went for my early morning shower. The shower was relaxing and refreshing as I stood under it and gathered my thoughts. It was a cool, windy day. I like windy days at times: It eases my nervousness and builds up excitement: at long last it was the much awaited first day at work. Soon enough, I was dressed. I took time as I did not know what to wear since I wanted to make a good impression on my first day at work. I was not wearing my school uniform (which I was used to wearing without thinking!). I needed to be creative! Creativity first thing in the morning was not something I was used to! After throwing a few shirts and trousers randomly on my bed, I finally picked up a dark blue shirt with a pair of light blue trousers: blue being my favourite and lucky colour and of course socks which complimented my shoes. ...read more.


It gets crowded when more than three people come in. It was cold inside as there was an Air Conditioner on. Normally I would come to school as a student by 8:45am but I reached my workplace quite later than usual, at around 9:30am, as a member of staff at Oaklands School. Angela normally comes around 10am - 10:30am, but she came early at around 9:30am on that day to help me settle on the first day of work. We signed the work experience contract which was kept in my Work Experience record book. I had to bring the book every single day to work. Apart from signing the Work Experience contract, I had to fill in pages of records which were about how your first day went and how your other days went and what you had to do during the week. After the initial paperwork, I began my first day at work. Most of the time during Work Experience, I had to work on a computer to work on the school's newsletter, the Oak, updating and editing as I went along. Using Microsoft Publisher and Word, I started to add some pictures and notes on to the school's newsletter. ...read more.


Near the windows, there are high seats and tables around the room thereby adding more seats. There is now a tray clearer in the cafeteria where we can put our finished lunches. I looked at the place and it all seemed different than usual! Perhaps it was because I was there not as a student but as an employee for the week. On my journey back home that day, I was immersed in thoughts: I always wondered how professionals have worked on their first day of their career whether in the corporate world, legal world, medical world, creative world or in the world of academia. I wondered how, after education and training, when a person finally becomes a professional, how does he or she feel on their first assignment or first piece of work or first day at work. When I look back at my Work Experience and think about these professionals, I can somewhat get a glimpse of the level of excitement and anticipation they must feel on their first day! I also think that one can only excel and do well in any field provided one is interested to learn and is dedicated to explore the subjects that are close to ones heart. For me a journey had started. I had a long way to go. ...read more.

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