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Original writting... A Horror story... Julie's worst nightmare.

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Amina Jama, 11skw... Original writting........ A Horror story......... Julie's worst nightmare It was a windy night. John was home alone,because,his Mom and Dad had gone out to dinner.John was doing his homework,because,he was bored. After a half an hour John rang his girlfriend up.He asked her to come over and bring her girlfriends with her,because,his friends are coming too.His girlfriend(Mary) said; 'okey,I'll come and I will bring my friends with me too'.What Mary did not know was that John had an plan.Not just a plan but an evil plan. After half an hour Mary and her two best friends(Julie an Monica)arrived.'Hi sweety' said Mary.'Hi honey' replied John. John told the girls to come in.Mary asked John 'where are your friends'? John said'they are coming in a few minutes'. Mary believed that. Julie and Monica put some music on and started dancing. John asked Mary to go upstairs with him. At first she said 'no,that is not a good idea'. John asked her again'please,come upstairs with me'. This time Mary said'okey'. He took her upstairs and he closed the door. And he even put some music on so that Julie and Monica could not hear them. John and Mary started dancing. John wanted to go futher but Mary did not want that. She told him to stop but John did not stop. Mary started to screaming but her friends could not hear her. ...read more.


Julie went up to her room and stayed there the whole night again, but this tim she got a phone call from someone. She did not know who it was. The person who called her said ' I know that you are afraid and you better be',but after the voice said thet,she knew that it was John right away. Julie very frightend. And put the phone down. The next morning when Julie woke up, her mom told her that Monica's mother and Mary's mother had called and asked if Julie knows where the girls are. 'Do you know something about Mary and Monica?' asked Julie's mother. ' No ,I haven't seen them in a while,I don't hang around with them any more' replied Julie. 'Why not'? asked her mother. 'We just don't any more' said Julie. And walked away. Her mother knew that something was going on with Julie,but she did not know what it was. She went up to her room looking for an answer. After looking for a long time she still has not found any clue. When Julie got to school she saw John at the lockers. She quickly walked away. she went to het own locker. And found there a note from someone. She note said: ''Dear Julie, I know that you are afraid. ...read more.


When she got home was very quieted. Her mom was sitting in the livingroom and asked Julie to join her. Julie said I can't, I've got homework to do. 'No come here' said her mother. 'what is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this these couple of days?' Asked her mother. 'I've got a lot on my mind' said Julie. 'young lady tell me the truth do you know something about the missing of Mary and Monica"? Julie was quiet. Her mother asked her the same question again. 'Yes, I do' said Julie. And she started crying. ''what's wrong'? asked her mother. 'they are dead' said Julie. Her mother was shocked. 'John killed them' said Julie. 'what'? you have to go to the police and report this' said her mother. ' I know ,but I' am afraid that John is going to kill me' said Julie.' No he isn't going to kill you, how can he do that if he is in prison' said her mother. 'okey would you come with me that'? asked Julie. 'Of course, if you want me to' said Julie's mother. Julie and her mother went to the police station and reported John. The same day they arested John. And he confessed everything. He even told the police where he hid the body's. John got 6 years in prison. Julie was very happy when she heared that. She got her live back again. She was very happy about that. She lived happily ever after....... End........ ...read more.

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