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original writting

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English GCSE Coursework Original Writing My name is Sarah Kelly, Mother of Mary Jane Kelly. I warned her but she just didn't listen. I knew she was a lady of the night I really didn't believe it would happen to her though. Not my own daughter. I warned her. I told her to stop. But she didn't listen. She believed the murder had ceased. Jack the Ripper, probably the most famous man in London at this time. Everyone had heard the tales of the gruesome murders that were occurring by the hand of this man. But yet, the ladies of the city, vulnerable as they were, still ventured out unaccompanied during the late hours of the night. The disaster began on Friday the 31st of August, 1888. Mary Ann Nichols fell first victim of the beast who was to become England's most notorious knife man. Mary Ann Nichol's death was reported to be the most ferocious and most brutally done in the history of crime. ...read more.


Here was when the "leather apron" had spawned the cursed "Jack The Ripper" a trade name he had left on his smug letters to Scotland Yard's detectives who still had no ideas of who's face hid behind that of this monster. Jack was still at large, his blade sharp and ready to get to work. The first body was that of Elizabeth Stride, which was found At 1.00 a.m. in Duffield's Yard, Benner Street. She had been found cut from ear to ear. It was believed that Jack could have been disturbed. Caught red handed. As you may expect he still escaped capture, shrinking from back into the darkness from whence he came. Unfortunately there was no such luck. He reappeared to claim another victim in Mitre Square, ,Aldgate. Merely 10 minutes on foot from Berner Street, through the bitter alleyways of Goodmans Fields, an area Jack knew well, with murderous intent, he struck again. ...read more.


How could I be so stupid. She had been slain behind closed doors, this gave Jack more time to indulge in his blood thirsty game. At number 13 Miller's Court, the savaged remains were discovered. A young Irish girl, led astray by the East End way of life, of drink and prostitution, "Black Mary" was believed to be the Rippers last victim. The attack was so dreadful, police believed that the killer's taste for murder and thirst for blood had finally been satisfied. Detectives were still left to puzzle over the murders. The Rippers final mocking blow at the police was in a letter he wrote.... "How can they catch me now? I love my work and want to start again....soon" Good Luck Yours Truly Jack The Ripper. I can't bare it. I can't live life without my beautiful Mary. She was only twenty-five and I could of stopped her going out there but I just didn't try hard enough. It's all my fault. Forgive me Mary. The time has come for me to end my life. We will be together in a matter of moments. Sarah Kelly x ...read more.

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