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Origional Writing

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An almighty 'crack' shattered the night like a stone through a pane of glass. Holly woke immediately, and shot up. She looked around, but it was too dark to see a thing, she fumbled in the dark for her lamp and flicked it on. Her room now lit up, she looked round the familiar surroundings for the source of the noise. The room was exactly as it had always been - messy - she looked again, she was certain that she had heard something, something loud. Holly was quite proud of being a deep sleeper, she could sleep through almost anything, but something had awoken her. She decided to see if her parents had been woken too. Cautiously she opened her door and tip-toed across the landing to her parents room. She put her ear against the door and listened, she could hear her father snoring softly. Maybe it's just my imagination or a bad dream she thought, she turned to return to her room, and something brushed against her leg, she froze instantly. Terrified she looked down, the thing was small, maybe it was harmless then 'the thing' meowed. Holly wondered how she could have been so stupid, it was only Tibbs "hello you dumb cat" she whispered. She smiled, the stupid cat had probably jumped on the table and broken a plate Holly returned to her room quietly with the cat following. ...read more.


Maybe it was one of his memories! And secondly there was a cat in front of him, "Hello cat, I don't suppose you know who I am, do you?" he asked. The cat didn't reply, he didn't think it would. Holly saw Tibbs walk up to the boy, "Dumb cat" she whispered. The boy seemed scared of the cat at first, terrified in fact, but then he stroked it. She decided to go and find out who he was, if he was a thief she would scare him away. She put on some clothes - a plain blue t-shirt and some jeans, and quietly left her room, creeping downstairs she opened the door... The boy heard the noise of a door opening, but he didn't think anything about it, as he was thinking deeply. "Hello" a voice behind him said. The boy turned around, and to his surprise saw the face from the window, "Please don't tell him I'm here?" he said automatically. The girl looked at him, "Don't tell who? Have you run away from home or something?" she asked. The boy looked confused and frustrated. "I... I don't know" he said miserably. "Well you must have a family of somebody". Holly asked "What do you remember?" The boy looked thoughtful for a moment. "I remember this street." he announced. The boy stood up and walked to the spot where Holly had first seen him. ...read more.


a man outside claiming to be your uncle but I don't believe him" Billy looked up "he's not my uncle I don't know who he is but I think he may be the factory owner, he scares me" Holly and Billy went back to the door together to confront the man about who he was, they opened the door and the man exclaimed "boy you're here!" Billy frowned "who are you?" Billy asked the man looked at him "don't you remember Billy, your life, I can take you home" Billy gasped "home? Do I have a home?" The man nodded, it was answer enough, fear forgotten Billy turned to holly "I'm going to go home holly, home!" Holly was sceptical "how will you take him home?" she asked the man "easy enough you can watch us if you want" The man took Billy's hand and started to walk down the road "good-bye holly, ill miss you I'm sure we'll meet again" Billy shouted, Holly watched as the man and Billy faded from the street she gasped and ran down the street to check they had gone, they had. Holly returned to her house pausing as she walked up the stairs, she saw a picture that had always been there, but it seemed more familiar. She looked at it closely and read the writing underneath it read: Granddad Billy 1943-1990. Holly gasped the picture of her grandfather looked like a much older version of the strange boy she had named. Original Writing ...read more.

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