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Orignal Writing

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My Nightmare Jinxed It All The knife sliced through my skin like butter. I woke with a start. I could feel my heart thudding against my chest. Sweat poured from every inch of my body. I shivered. I was scared. As the darkness of the room surrounded me, I smelt danger in the air, but I had no time to think - I was exhausted. I twisted and turned, trying to get back to sleep, but soon found that I could no longer do so. My bed felt like rocks beneath me. My body was stiff and my legs ached from playing hours of continuous football. The longer I lay, the more impossible it became for me to get some sleep. Just as I began to dose off, I heard a sound. It was muffled at first, but gradually grew louder. Maybe it was my parents, back from work, I thought? I doubted it. They would not be back till after sunrise. When I realised this I nearly cried. I hugged myself tight. I buried myself under my bed sheets, wishing that this was all part of a bad dream. A dream that when I awoke, would all be over. Creaking on the landing, squeaking on the banister. ...read more.


Thrown, nearly aboard, I was, when a huge wave came rolling on the underside, causing me to fly. Shortly after, I was lifted and carried to shore, where I was forced to walk. There were not many people about which were not at all surprising. Why would there be? Having had no food, for what seemed like years, was the result of my 'zero' strength. Shoved into the back of the van, like a boxed parcel, made my bones ache. A surge of pain rushed through my body every few seconds. This was a film that had come to life. The fact that I was in the centre of it was the worst bit of all. Toast and cheese is what they gave me. From this minute onwards, I knew that my life was going to be hell. I knew we were now in France. Paris, the sign posts had said. A remote area we were staying in, indeed. This made me feel uncomfortable but also gave me the feeling of triumph! I had been a many times here before, with both my parents, on business trips, and occasionally for holidays. Yes, maybe I did not know this particular street, but this did not imply I could not find my way around. The biggest problem of all was that I did not know where to begin. ...read more.


I heard them that night, as I put my ear close to the door. They planned to take out my kidney and sell it within hours the next day; where to, no other than the black market. Such a thing made me tremble then, but to be honest I'm just glad I'm out of it all at the present moment. What - and the other one, sounded a bit like Jim to me, suggested I should not be returned till they receive some sort of payment. Yeah, my mom and dad do own a business, but for god sake man it's still small. In fact there's hardly anything in it at all! Bloody hell, they're not loaded you know!!! You know diary, I do not understand what people see in money. They just want, want and want. Greedy folks, damn greedy! I thank my dad's friends whole heartedly. If it wasn't for them, God knows what would have been of me. They would've taken out my kidney, liver, heart and all. Seems to me as if the world is coming to an end. Right now I lie in bed where I should be feeling safe and sound, but am not at all. What if they come back to get me, 'cos the police don't find them at all. This all began as a nightmare, one that I regret ever dreaming, and there's contemplation in my mind, that it's all not over yet! ...read more.

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