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Orignal Writing Coursework

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The emotions got too much for her and she had to do it. It had been going on for years, 'The Outings,' well that's what their mother used to call them when I used to see my sisters carted off into different stranger's cars. From a young age she had been taught how she was to perform and to the standard she had to exceed. She had seen her sisters go through the same thing and as she was the youngest she only knew too well what was expected. Her first time came and she was nervous. It was only natural, but Caryn had a hard time concealing it. Her hands were clammy and no matter how much water she drank, her throat still stayed dry. Ever since their father had died when Caryn was only three, the way to survive was this. She had just had her 14th birthday the week before. That meant D-day had come and it was now her time to shine. She knew that preparation was the key to success. Her mother came in her room and asked her to sit on the dressing room table, so she could teach the basics. ...read more.


The man's stubby finger pressed the button for the radio, or what was left of the radio. All the buttons had popped out and had to be pressed hard to get them to respond. The station that came on played fast dance music that made Caryn's heart beat faster as well. The man turned the volume of the music up so that car's windows and seats began to shake. Along with this, Caryn's hands also began to tremble. Caryn sat uncomfortably in the car, still conscious of her naked flesh being exposed to the vulgar man sitting next to her. A hand came out of nowhere and stroked her face. The rough hands contrasted to Caryn's youthful face, Caryn clammed up as he touched her. Sensing this the man turned to the steering wheel of the car and shouted loud enough to be heard over the music, 'It will only be ten minutes,' whilst starting the engine. Caryn looked out window and before she knew they were in a deserted car park. This was the place it would happen. Her fist time and there was nothing she could do to stop it. ...read more.


She thought it would be bad and had slowly accepted the fact that it was going to happen. She had even begun to think it was normal and give some sort of justification to why it would happen. She would pretend all the other girls had to go through the same thing, a sort of test to prove their love for their families, but she had never expected it to turn out like it did. The overburdening body weight on top of her, the sweating and panting. She couldn't get the flashbacks out of her mind. The feelings of his hand, touching her. Kissing her. Over and Over again, like there would be no end. She hated herself, how could she let him do what he did to her? It was all her fault, it always was. With all these feelings not leaving her mind Caryn picked up the bottle, took a handful of pills and stared at them. Sitting on the bed with tears streaming down her face she knew this was the ONLY way out. She forced the pills down her throat with a gulp of water and fell backwards. She was helpless, as she knew this was the only way to get rid of all that guilt she felt and to go to a peaceful place, where only angels existed. Fryer-Original Writing Coursework ...read more.

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