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Orignial Writing

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A Description of Paradise Paradise is a place where mansions are made of gold, the soil of saffron, somewhere your dreams are realised; an eternal life. This is paradise. I walk along the river of life. The river bed is filled with sparkling rubies and pearls that shine with the beauty of the sun. Its water tastes sweeter than honey and is whiter than snow. Its soil has a better scent than musk. I kneel down and drink the water; an uplifting feeling is possesses my soul. It's midday and the wind is serenely blowing across my face, the sun is shining gracefully from above. I look around and see the silhouette of a tree; I wander under its huge limbs that cover each step I make. Fluttering around are golden butterflies leaving trails of scintillating particles. ...read more.


The north wind blowing and scattering fragrance on our faces and clothes, adding lustre to our beauty and loveliness. My wife peered down at an outfit made of green brocade laced with gold. I asked the merchant for a price he replied, "It's free, with the blessings of the creator of the Gardens of Eden". After having bought the suit we sauntered home. On the way back, the sparkling of a shiny object caught my attention. Curious to know what it was, I shifted my attention towards it while still walking onwards. The object appeared to be moving at an extraordinary speed and gradually turning towards us like a guided missile. With the flash of a moment it appeared just beside us. My eyes focused and I saw a peculiar creature looking up to me. Its body transparent as a polished diamond, with the light refracting perfectly of the many flat faces of its body. ...read more.


We were taken to our seats and told the ceremony would start in a minute or so. A trumpet announced and a tall man of medium build swaggered to the platform. We all rose from our seats applauded the man. He stood and preached about the kingdom of heaven, the man seemed exceptionally educated and presented himself proficiently. His voice was soft and gently tapped of my eardrums. The ceremony came to a close after he was crowned. Once the banquet had ended we strolled home. I stepped into my house; a lofty mansion made of gold and silver. I felt the soft, sumptuous, cushioning carpet mould around my feet as I walked to couch. I lent back on a cushion and reminisced of the day that had just passed, leisurely falling asleep. This is paradise. Somewhere you will be healthy forever and never be ill; you will live forever and never die; you will be grey but never old; and you will be happy forever and never sad. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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