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oringinal writing

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Show me parade By jade Ephgrave After months of planning, weeks of rehearsing and hours of travelling, walking out of the door of the train station was a dream I'd been having for weeks. The excitement rushing through us all was about to explode. Seeing all the little children running around. The trees and buses look completely different to home. It's Disney Land. We're not just visitors for the weekend though. A parade, a dance show and back stage passes meant we were employees for the weekend. Walking was really hard. Especially after travelling for nine hours, mostly, sitting down, which meant the bottom of my back hurt and my legs were wobbly. Ignoring all of this, excitement was all I could think of. Hearing the screams of the people on tower of terror and seeing the famous ears of Mickey Mouse made all the stress from home just melt away. At the hotel, waiting felt even longer then it ever had done. We were staying at the Cheyenne hotel. It looked descent for saying it was a country and western theme. Bullhorns hung above the doors, hotel rooms went down streets of dusty roads, in old-fashioned buildings. ...read more.


But never the less it was magical. The colours. The lights. The music. Fantastic! Every corner and every side street was amazing. Looking up to the castle made you feel as small as an ant, it looked like someone lived there. The baby pink castle had pointed blue towers, and not forgetting Tinkabell on top she looked magnificent. Tinkabell looked small from the ground but with the size of the castle she was properly bigger than me. "Wake up everyone, come on. We're late." Faye was running around grabbing everyone and shaking us up. Show day. Getting up and having breakfast was quite important for a show day but there was no need to be up at 7am! However without arguing I got up and went down to breakfast. I only got into something comfy, no point getting ready just yet. But breakfast wasn't on my mind. All I was thinking about was not being late for the show. I'd imagined backstage being just as good as the park. With people rehearsing for the daily parade and big costumes hanging out ready to be put on. No. Think portable changing rooms and toilets with no locks. ...read more.


Either way they were both awesome. The tower of terror was amazing, you felt like there was a ghost in the elevator with you. Then the doors opening up and see the whole park, made everyone scream at the top of their voices. With a sudden flash of the camera and a bang you suddenly dropped. The screams. The horror. The thrill! It was the last day today. Mickey mouse was out and about I'd only seen the cartoon versions on television and in the park. He looked amazing, at six-foot tall he was big, but he had everything, the red trousers, the gloves, the round face and ears. Saffy ran up to him to get a signature. It made the trip complete. I'd seen and done everything I wanted to do, the rides, the show, the parade, the shopping-everything. Now all we had to do was go home. Naturally I didn't want to, but I had no choice. I wanted to see my mum and tell her what I'd done. Walking in to the train station meant we had done all I had dreamed of doing on the holiday. I shed a tear possibly because I was tired but possibly because the magic was going too. The best thing is now I can't wait to do it all again next year! ...read more.

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