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Othello act 4 scene 1 audience

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How does Shakespeare engage the audience in Ac 4, Scene 1 of Othello? This scene - Act 4, scene 1- reinforced the purpose of the play; jealousy. Act 3 finishes very uneasy. Desdemona has now recognised her husband is jealous even though she never gave him cause, she has never realised that the handkerchief is missing and is causing Othello to become angrier. Desdemona's response to this shows the wide-awake, down-to-earth realism about human affairs of which she has already given evidence. It is clear that something of her sense of the absolute and unique nature of their love has been diminished. The spring of the tragedy is now wound up to its tightest and all we can do is be helpless as it unwinds with irresistible and utterly destructive momentum. Shakespeare uses many different themes through the play, one of them being racism. This is a topic brought up many times in the play. ...read more.


while at the same time torturing him with thoughts who make other men cuckolds every night. Iago knows that Othello will begin to lose his huge pride and make this idea endurable. His promise to be, "most cunning in my patience" (line 91) is alarming; Othello also intends to be "most bloody" in the same line. Could this be a sign of him moving closer to the atrocity of the final act? We might also view his striking of Desdemona as a prelude to the physical violence that is to occur later in the play. Between the lines of 90-97, you see that Iago jokes about Bianca's fondness for Cassio, proving that Iago is rather heartless. "It is a creature that dotes on Cassio." Like many times before, the theme of animals is brought in. I think this means that they use the idea of "use and abuse" as if they're treating her as if she has no feelings herself. ...read more.


I think this is a good idea. It reminds the reader about the character attitude and personality. On line 161, an anxious mood is created. "I may chance to see you, for I would very fain speak with you." Othello needs no more persuading now. The only question running through his mind is "How?" Iago doesn't reply and this enrages Othello even more. There are opposing feelings portrayed in line 182. "I do but say what she is. So delicate with her needle." This is a memory of Desdemona before she poisoned his thoughts. The line "the pity of it, Iago" has an effect on the audience. By the use of the word "pity" it makes the reader feel sorry for him. This is a good technique. Catholics around in the Elizabethan time considered adultery a massive sin. They felt if you committed adultery you'd go to hell and burn. They felt it was against the 10 commandments. There are many methods of murder suggested between lines 190 and 205. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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