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Othello - character assesment.

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In the play Othello there are many charters that are good and some that are bad. They all play important parts within the play. Othello is the most important charter within the play. He a noble leader from Africa who travels to Venice to be a leader. The people only see him as a leader but the don't see him as friend as they only like there own race. Another character is Desdemona she is married to Othello. Her father does not like the fact that she is married to Othello because he is a moor. Othello is a complex character we see his good points at the start, he loves his wife very much he is respectful to her He is also a great commander and leader of soldiers. Othello is noble he has a high status well respect and loyal to Venice. Othello is not considered as equal status because people don't like his due to his colour and being a moor. ...read more.


Iago is a military servant to Othello. Desdemona also has servant, which is Iago wife emilia who cleans her belongings. When Othello chooses Cassio over Iago, Iago get angry and wants revenge on Othello for this so he uses lies and deception Iago has deep-rooted hatred of Othello by being racist. He does not like the fact that he moor and he is with white woman. So he gets back at Othello by using Desdemona. When they are in turkey and having a party Iago gets Cassio drunk because Iago knew Othello would demote Cassio and hopefully Iago would get the job that Cassio had. This doesn't work. He goes onto another plan by using Rodrigo to split up Othello and Desdemona. We know that Iago is a trouble maker because he uses Rodrigo to make trouble he swears curses. he uses disgusting language to tell Barbantio that Desdemona has got married, Iago said "an old black ram is tupping your white ewe" Iago steals a strawberry handkerchief from Desdemona and leaves it in Cassio bedroom. ...read more.


When Emilia told Desdemona about women cheating on there husbands she could not believe what Emilia was saying. Desdemona said she would never cheat on her marriage because she had felling and loved him very much. When they went to Cyprus it gave Iago a chance to get revenge on Othello by manipulating Othello with Desdemona Iago planted Desdemona's hanky in Cassio's to make it seem like Desdemona is having an afire with Cassio. Desdemona talks to Othello about letting Cassio have his job back. This makes it look like Desdemona I having an afire with Cassio and Othello get very angry. In conclusion, all of the charters are involved in the tragic ending of the play. Some are more to blame than others. Othello is to blame more than any one by lying and manipulating the other charters, because of Iago Desdemona, Rodrigo, Emilia and Othello all died they ever killed by some one or killed them self. Othello killed Desdemona because of Iago. Iago killed Rodrigo because he was no use to him any more and emilia because he wanted her to keep her mouth shut. ...read more.

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