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Othello - Concentrate on Act 3 Scene 3. If you were a director staging this scene what would you want to show about each character?

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Othello Coursework Question Concentrate on Act 3 Scene 3. If you were a director staging this scene what would you want to show about each character? Focus on what they say; how they say it; what their intensions are; any contrasts; what themes Shakespeare is developing; whether there is any character where the tensions lie; where the power is in the drama. In this scene Iago finally makes Othello believe that Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona. This brings a change in Othello's character; he seems to put more trust into Iago because of the way Iago tells him things, making it look like Iago is 'loyal'. Othello seems to think that Iago is a good friend; he continuously reminds him "My lord, you know I love you." but really Iago hates Othello, he only uses Othello to destroy the relationship between Othello and Desdemona and to regain the lieutenancy he thought he deserved. Iago uses Othello as much as he can he proves this by the negative language he uses in his soliloquies "I hate the moor" hate is a very strong word to use when he is expressing his feelings about Othello, which shows his vindictive and evil nature. ...read more.


Emilia has something that Iago wants and in return Emilia wants attention. She gets some attention but not as much as she would want. She only gets it because of the handkerchief she has found a belonging to Desdemona Iago "snatches" it violently, this shows how eager Iago is to get his revenge on Othello, knowing that this will be enough proof to make Othello believe that his wife is an adulteress. This also shows how badly Emilia needs attention, she tells us (just before Iago comes into the room) "I nothing, but to please his fantasy" so she does not mind being used because she thinks it is right to do so. We see a dramatic change in Othello's behaviour, one change is in the way he feels about Desdemona, he starts to question why Desdemona is with Cassio the majority of the time, this could have only been formed by Iago's 'work'. Iago comments on the way he has infected Othello with his "poison", "the Moor already changes with my poison" this shows that Iago knows that he I in total control of Othello just like a puppet. ...read more.


Desdemona tries to be a good friend to Cassio and tries to get his job back by telling Othello how good Cassio is but she does not realise that she is getting both Cassio and herself into deeper trouble. The dramatic irony here is that the audience do. As she pleads for Cassio's reinstatement we know that Iago's plan is working. Act 3 Scene 3 is the largest scene in the play therefore Shakespeare must be showing us the importance or it. Clearly this is where the audience watch the skill of Iago. He has the power of language and uses it cleverly to manipulate the trusting, and rather na�ve Othello, which results in Othello's confusion, "But I do love thee! and when I love thee not chaos come again". We see his love for Desdemona change to revenge "I'll tear her all to pieces" and at this point the audience recognises there is no going back for Othello, Iago has successful manipulated his weak mind. The scene closes with Iago's sycophantic words "I am your own forever." Vijay patel ...read more.

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