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Othello Essay

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Analyse the dramatic effect of the devices Iago uses in Act 3 Scene 3 to convince Othello of his wife's infidelity. Who is to blame for the tragedy? Who is to blame for the tragedy? Could it be the "honest" Iago who mislead the hero using his wits and persistence leading to his own demise? Maybe, but Iago can't take all the credit for his master plan. It was his excellence in human psychology and reliability on his victims to doubt one another; he was especially reliant on the outsider, Othello. Othello, proud general to naive lover could have been the cause to his own downfall. It might have been his love towards Desdemona, causing his untamed imagination to lose control, informed of her infidelity. This distrust caused his emotions to turn hostile, thus could be the reason for his defeat. However the question still remains. Who is to blame for the tragedy? In Act 3 Scene 3 Iago uses a number of devices to convince Othello of Desdemona's infidelity. ...read more.


95 IAGO Did Michael Cassio, when you wooed my lady, know of your love? 97 OTHELLO He did, from first to last. Why dost thou ask? 98 IAGO But for satisfaction of my thought - No further harm. This scene shows the power of strategic silences. This dramatic device is used by Iago to show Othello that he is unable to betray Cassio, his dear friend however; Iago also proves his loyalty for his lord, Othello. Iago proves this as he pauses before answering Othello. In the amount of time Iago pretends to be thinking in his silences, Othello's confusion of his wife's infidelity grows stronger. In this Scene Iago uses one of the devices to isolate Othello from all his loved ones, he thought he knew. It was brought to his attention of all the deception that happens with Venetian women, after all he is different. 196 IAGO I know our Country Disposition well: In Venice they do let Heaven see the pranks they dare shew their husbands. ...read more.


It can be seen that Iago is to blame for the tragedy however; he just played the part of the devil's advocate. Iago is to blame but he could have not achieved his plan without remaining reliant on the others to play there part in his game. It was his manipulation and somewhat integrity on others which caused the distrust between the friends. The plan succeeded with a twist, as the other characters did not try and prevent suspicion or jealousy because there was no communication amongst them besides talking to Iago, who turned them against one another. This tragedy could have been prevented by talking to each other and prevent stirring up any unwanted lies. The Shakespeare play Othello is a tragedy. This tragedy was only Othello's misfortune as he was deceived and manipulated into destroying his life till death. It showed the journey of this humble, loving man slowly losing control on everything and everyone he loved, bringing him to his own downfall caused by himself and ending in death. He caused this calamity by doubt and uncertainty after he fell in love and killed her as well as his greatest enemy, himself. ?? ?? ?? ?? Huma Darr (10.1) Mr. Mieszkian ...read more.

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