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Othello essay.

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Othello essay The Shakespeare Tragedy Othello was written and set during the early 17th century in Venice rule. The play is set in Cyprus and Venice. In the play Othello Iago attempts to destroy the marriage of Othello and Desdemona. Iago is the most evil character. In my coursework I am looking at Iagos's soliloquy at Act 2 scene 3(line 303-329) and the dramatic qualities of the speech. Iago's character is very developed because of all the speeches he has. The audience follows almost everything he does and he has more soliloquies than any other characters in the play. The speeches that Iago makes are in the play so the audience sees how much of a villain he is so they don't feel any sympathy for him at the end. Also the speech is there to show what evil things he is going to do. Another reason the speech is there because it makes the audience feel more involved because it feels like Iago is winking to the audience when he says the speech. An actor delivers a soliloquy either while alone on stage or unheard by the other characters. It shows the inner feelings of a character. Soliloquies are used throughout Shakespearean tragedies in order to allow characters to disclose their innermost thoughts and feeling. Iago's soliloquies serve the purpose of creating dramatic irony and developing his motives and plot. ...read more.


The audience may think also that Iago is the devil. In Iago's soliloquy Iago uses the word 'Moor' a lot. This shows Othello is always on Iago's mind and it shows he hates Othello. In the soliloquy the contacts between black and white is also used as a metaphor 'virtue into pitch' between Othello and Desdemona In the film Othello directed by Oliver Parker Iago's soliloquy represents a lot about his character. In the beginning Iago's face is in a lot of shadow. This shows Iago is two faced because the shadow shows two sides of his face. When Iago says 'I play the villian'he touches his ear. This is a sign suggesting he is lying and feeling nervous. Iago is placed in the dark, blue night at the beginning to represent he is a dark, evil character. He talks as though the audience is his friends at the beginning. Iago stares out into the out when he is talking about Desmonda. This shows he is thinking about how to trap her. When Iago is talking about Othello, Iago nods in the direction of the castle. By doing this he is showing that he is always aware of Othello and worried that he may get found out. Iago changes quickly when he say' Divinity of hell!' He voice becomes lower and more serious. This is because he is revealing more and more of his plan to trap them all. ...read more.


Towards the end of the speech when Iago says 'So will I turn her into virtue into pitch, And out of her goodness make the net, that shall enmesh them all.' He should be sitting on the fall playing around in the dirt, then as he is saying the line he should grab the dirt put it over his hand and then make a fist with the rest of the dirt to show that he is trapping them all. The music should be still creepy but a bit darker like more violins should be added to make the music darker. This would be good because it would show Iago is even darker. The music should start off quieter but then grow louder at the line 'Divinity of hell!' I feel the music needs to be on throughout the soliloquy to show how dark Iago is. Iago's aim 'make the net. That shall enmesh them all'; is very successful because Iago first traps Roderigo by saying that he will get Desdemona for him. Iago next traps Cassio by getting him drunk and then Cassio loss his job. Next Iago traps Desdemona by making her ask Othello to give Cassio his job back then Othello thinks she is having an affair. Iago successfully traps Othello into believing that his own wife is having affair without any concrete proof. Many deaths happen, Desdemona dies, Rodergio dies, Iago wife dies and Othello dies. Iago has trapped them all because they all die and he got his revenge on Othello. ...read more.

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