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Othello Essay Is Jealousy Solely To Blame For The Tragic Events.

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Othello Essay Is Jealousy Solely To Blame For The Tragic Events. I have been asked to write an essay on Othello. The essay question, which I will be writing about, is. Is jealousy solely to blame for the tragic events in Othello? As we have been studying Othello since the beginning of the term with have gathered an understanding of Elizabethan English. We have done many of Shakespeare's plays in our school life in Kingsmead so our understanding is greater and more knowledgeable. The play was written by William Shakespeare a great playwright who wrote many famous plays in the 1600s. Othello is based on an earlier play called Gli Hecatommithi. The playwright of this play is called Giraldi Cinthio. Shakespeare used many other elements making Shakespeare's Othello an unforgettable and memorable experience. Critics say that Shakespeare's version is more famous and memorable because of its highly rated realistic characters. And also the fact that it deals with, modern issues such as lack of trust, incomprehension and deceit through out the play. The play is a tragedy because all the sympathetic characters die Othello kills himself because of killing his fair chaste wife Desdemona. ...read more.


Meaning Othello whom is listening in the background the problem with Othello is he is a slave of passion and he does not seek the truth but acts on his emotions. Another factor was trust as in cases there was loads of trust in people and in other cases there was little trust at all. For example the infatuated Rodrigo trust Iago to find out whether the chaste Desdemona like him. But Iago doesn't find this out he just led Rodrigo along this is ironic as later on Rodrigo loses his life to someone he trusts Iago, when he shouldn't of trusted him. There is a strong trustworthy relationship between Cassio and Desdemona (as friends). Othellos lack of understanding and lack of trust for his wife misjudges this and also allows Iago to persuade him to think that they are having an affair. Othello is so easily persuaded because he believes Iago is a good honest man this is so ironic. As Iago says. "I hate the moor and it is thought a broad that twixt my sheets his done my office". This is evidence of Iago's racist hatred and explicit hostility towards the Othello. ...read more.


If there were more communication when Iago was saying that Desdemona is committing adultery between Othello and Desdemona then maybe they wouldn't have died. And maybe if people were talking abut what was going on around them they might of come to the solution of who was causing the problems. I discussed the things I have discussed the way I did because I enjoyed reading Othello. It was boring at first but a times it was interesting I believe that I have learnt a lot and it has taught me a lesson communication trust and good understanding of things are good in life. The main things to back my point of view are most of Iago's plans were due to fate and luck without this some of the tragedies could never of happened. Another is incomprehension because I feel if there was greater understanding and more communication a lot of things could have been reduced massively. At the end of the essay everything I believe is Iago should be punished the way he did having a lifetime in prison letting him know how people suffer. I Finish my essay by asking you if Othello is a kind noble man if so. Then why did he kill his fair chaste wife Desdemona... By Billy Saunders Billy Saunders 10ms ...read more.

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