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Othello: Explore the character of Iago

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14th June 2004 English Language English Coursework Othello Explore the Character of Iago This essay is about Iago and his relationship with other characters throughout the play. I think Iago has three qualities, which leads to death and destruction. Iago's jealousy of Cassio's promotion mentally affects him and is set out for revenge and slaughter. His jealousy builds up and his personality and emotions change, giving the play a savage ending. Another quality is his racism towards Othello, mainly at the beginning of the play. Firstly, I'm going to focus on Iago's complaints about Othello promoting Cassio; this is when the jealousy starts to show. He obviously thinks Cassio has been promoted for all the wrong reasons, the main reason being Cassio's friendship with Othello. A quotation that shows a little bit of Iago's jealousy at the start of the play is "Forsooth, a great arithmetician, one Michael Cassio, a Florentine", in other words Iago thinks Cassio shouldn't have been promoted because he's from Florence and because of this Iago feel betrayed by Othello. ...read more.


This is racist towards Othello and said by Iago to Brabantio. Iago is implying this to Brabantio trying to tell him that Desdemona and Othello are . He is trying to get a reaction from Brabantio, and instead calls Othello a black ram and Desdemona a white ewe, trying to suggest that Desdemona shouldn't marry a black man. In Shakespeare time if two people had sex, they would have to get married. Iago's failed in a sense because he wanted Brabantio to go round to see if it was true, however Brabantio was worried when he found out it was true. Looking deeply into Iago's jealousy towards the characters is also with Othello and Desdemona like Roderigo does. However he keeps his emotions clear from his mind to stop it affecting his plans. Brabantio didn't think Desdemona would do such a thing. Another thing, which leads Othello's life to destruction, is revenge. Quotations showing Iago starting to plot his revenge "Call up her father, Rouse him, make after him, poison his delight". ...read more.


He wanted revenge on both Cassio and Othello. His revenge towards Cassio was substantially successful because Iago got Cassio drunk, which made him lose his position as lieutenant, but then again he gained the biggest position by the end of the play and that was the Governor of Cyprus. Iago also has another quality, racism. He is racist towards Othello and this information is giving at the beginning of the play when he says, "Even now, now, very now an old black ram is tupping your white ewe"! He calls Othello a black ram behind his back this was because of Othello not promoting Iago. Iago's personality and character changes when he talks to different people. He doesn't have great respect for Emilia and he says, "To have a foolish wife", when Emilia says she has a thing for him. He is very cruel towards her and uses her; he doesn't really love her. Love is also a main plan in his revenge towards both Cassio and Othello and uses the relationship to his advantage. Shakespeare: Othello 10R 20th June 2004 ...read more.

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