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Othello is a very diverse play however it is portrayed in its different venues.

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Othello is a very diverse play however it is portrayed in its different venues. It attacks all the positions of human character and emotions. It is a play that, even today, rings true of behaviors and reactions in the situations we are faced with in life. This play, through novel or film, displays each character's weaknesses and strengths but it is the magnitude to which each are expressed that brings the audience to full appreciation for this piece of work. The film version staring Lawrence Olivier does not accurately portray or bring justice to what is being read regarding some of the characters. In comparison to the novel the film is weak and the characters are then displayed in that manner. In the novel Shakespeare describes Othello in a very passionate way. He is shown to be passionate about his duties and his grand love for Desdemona. In every area of the play identification can take place from the audience's perspective with his character. It is important that the audience believe in the character portrayal to make the story have a sense of reality and credibility. ...read more.


People may question the core of Othello's character and conclude that he is ruthless and not at all what he seems. In contrast to the film, the novel provides the reader a more in depth look into what he is thinking and feeling. The compassion, vulnerability, the gullibility, love, and suspicion are what can be seen on the pages of a book that are not seen in an actor's lines. An actor can recite the same phrases yet leave the stage stirring up opposite emotions from what was intended. Although Othello's character is the main focus of the story, Desdemona's qualities are in the same way as important to the unfolding of events. The film depicts her character as a weak one. She is seen as someone who is manipulated by authority and does not hold valued opinions. It seems as though Othello has her a step below him and she is shown to do anything to please. The Shakespearian novel does not decipher her characteristics in this manner but gives her respect. Her relationship with her husband, Othello, is read as an equal partnership both in love and respect. ...read more.


The film version staring Lawrence Olivier does nothing to make this play the masterpiece that it is known to be. With the conversion of this play from novel to film it seemed as though it lost its charisma and thus produced some character flaws that put the audience into a phase where they could not identify with the characters behaviors. To bring justice to a work of art such as a Shakespearian play takes great skill and acting. It is almost an insult to the work if it is not done in a form fitting for such a play. Lawrence Olivier knew the lines and in certain parts rose to the scenes but overall made a poor depiction of such a diverse character such as Othello. This play shows all sides to human emotions and it is a toiling mission to act out all of them in a convincing manner. There were large parts that felt inaccurate and thus the film felt as though it was lacking the true meaning of the play. The words were not felt deep enough and the insincerity felt like it overpowered the words that Shakespeare had wrote. Novels bring much more to the imagination and do not set limitations as films do. ...read more.

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