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Othello Obituary

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Othello Obituary In recent days our most respected and famous Othello has passed away. The cause of his death was due to his self inflicted stab wounds, a medical examiner later said he died due to blood loss. Our dear honoured Othello lived an interesting life, and passed many battles, sieges and fortunes, and the things he saw and experienced in his life time are the most indescribable. ...read more.


He was eventually made a significant figure in our national army and his quick thinking, ability to make difficult decisions, and success in battle, made him quite a hero. His mind was always focused on work and this gave his military subordinates faith in him and they fought till the death for him. It has been said that the undoing of the once great Othello and finally ending in his suicide is due to Iago, his trusted companion, and friend in battle. ...read more.


Undoubtedly Othello will be considered a hero in Venice, and one the greatest men to fight for this nation of all times. His legacy will not be of his final days and the man he became in them, but it will be for his life, for his honour, for his intelligence, for his bravery, for his love, for his heroic nature, for his loyalty and for him. Lilli Belfield JTH ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

This piece is fairly well written and does show an understanding of the context of the play; howeve, takenr as a whole piece it could be developed into a longer piece of writing that makes further links to the text.

4 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 08/10/2013

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