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Othello - Shakespeare

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Othello GCSE assignment Othello is one of Shakespeare's great tragedies; it is one of Shakespeare's finest moments. It is a play that interests the audience straight away and keeps them interested with Desdemona's great love for Othello, Othello's dissension into a murderer, Roderigo's obsession with Desdemona and Iago's evil plotting. With so much going on Shakespeare can use dramatic devices with ease, he can plant ideas into the reader's minds and he also manages to use the play to show his views on the world around him. This play has many deeper thoughts running through it such as the marriage between black Othello and white Desdemona. While this isn't frowned upon that much in the play, - in fact, most of the characters look up to him and call him names such as "valiant Moor," showing their respect. I think that Shakespeare is making a stance towards racial equality especially by placing Othello as highest-ranking officer in Cyprus. The other point that is shown in the play is the role of women in the play. There are three main women in the play, Desdemona, the wife of Othello; Emilia, the wife of Iago; and Bianca, the girlfriend of Cassio. The role of Women at the time that this play was written was to obey their husband and do whatever they say without arguing and fighting back, Women were meant to stay at home and look after the house. ...read more.


Desdemona to her father's dismay marries Othello. Desdemona refused to listen to her father and turned down many marriage offers, Desdemona thought for herself and decided what she would like. Her father, Barbantio thought that Othello used witchcraft to get Desdemona to marry him but Desdemona is deeply in love with Othello. Desdemona is Shakespeare's version of today's independent woman. Emilia is Desdemona's servant and aide but more importantly, Emilia is Desdemona's teacher. She Warns Desdemona of the dangers in the world. We can clearly see this in Act 4, scene 3 when she talks to Desdemona about women and their husbands. Iago is Emilia's husband, he is the villain of the play, he is the person who convinces Othello to kill Desdemona. We do not find out Iago's motive but I think that he is jealous that Desdemona chose to marry Othello, he is jealous that Othello promoted Cassio and not him and I think that that he wants Desdemona, in act 2, scene 2 he says, "Now, I do love her too." Iago seems to be a friend to everyone; he is called at many times in the play "Honest Iago". He Is Othello's trusted aide, he is Roderigo's counsellor, he is ally to Cassio and he even advises Desdemona. Cassio is the man in the Venetian army who got promoted before Iago, for this Iago used him in his plot for Othello to kill Desdemona. ...read more.


and loved by her husband but if she lost the handkerchief or made a present out of it she would be hated by her husband. This of course relates to Desdemona and now that she had lost it Othello now hates her. The handkerchief is the only superstitious object that Othello had and believed in. The three women in this scene acted like they were supposed to in the time that the play was written but during the whole of the play they act differently. Desdemona starts the play of as a very assertive, independent woman but during the cause of the play becomes more submissive. She never argues with Othello and she even takes the blame for her own death. Bianca is seen as a whore and is scorned by the rest of the characters, even Cassio, her boyfriend, treats her badly. She claims that she is loyal to Cassio she says "I am no strumpet, but of life as honest as you that thus abuse me. We have no evidence that she isn't faithful to Cassio. Emilia is a mix between Desdemona and Bianca; she has Desdemona's innocence but Bianca's knowledge of the world. She is loyal to Iago but she keeps her independence. At some point during the play, all the women are independent and self-reliant. I think that this shows Shakespeare's belief that women should be treated better. David Jacques David Jacques ...read more.

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