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Othello-Shakespeare. At the start of the play the mood between Iago and Roderigo is negative. This establishes a negative emotion towards the rest of the play. The arguments between the two characters show an angry state of mind, there is a lot of anger throughout the whole of the play. Especially at the start of the play, this suggestion of unhappiness sets the scene. E.g. Casio starts a fight while he is drunk. Roderigo is upset and unhappy, he is also extremely angry because he finds out that Othello and Desdemona have married. Roderigo wants his money back from Iago because he was paying Iago money for Desdemona but now that she had married Othello, his money had gone to waste, he was very angry. ...read more.


He hides things e.g. hiding things in shadows. The audience's impression of Iago develops through his interactions with Brabantio, as Brabantio seems calm and apologetic etc, where as Iago seems angry and stirs things up. He uses an animal image to talk about other people; this suggests that he does not have a very high view of humanity. He thinks he is above them. Failure of Shakespeare here taunting those he manipulates he is hateful and misanthropic- (Hater of mankind). There is also a dramatic irony in this scene, because the audience here have a greater understanding than the characters, we as the audience know more than what the people on stage know. ...read more.


We see that authority begins to crumble, we see that Iago has no respect to the figure of authority, here we get a good idea of his character, we realize that he is vindictive and persuasive. Brabantio is heart broken, not just because his daughter has married Othello who is black, but the fact that his grandchildren will be of a mixed race, Brabantio sees his power crumbling. Brabantio is a political person and this has a great impact on his power reduction. Brabantio cannot do anything about Othello marrying his daughter Desdemona as he knows that Othello cannot be arrested as he is an important solider. The initial ideas that we gain about Othello from the opening scene is that Iago hates Othello however knows that Othello is important. He is jealous of Othello because he is married to Desdemona, Iago is jealous of everyone. ...read more.

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