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Othello, written by William Shakespeare.

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Currently I am studying the play Othello, written by William Shakespeare. The plays main theme is the tragic fall of Othello's life due to the clever Iago. Firstly I will lead you into my essay by hand explaining conflict. I consider conflict to be confrontation between two people, such as an argument, fight or a quarrel, it could also be an event that happens discretely, which affects others. I will consider the different relations between characters pairing them up and analysing the way in which they interact with each other to cause different types of conflict between them. Just after the elopement of Othello and Desdemona Iago arouses Brabantio's anger at Othello, yelling outside his house late at night "Even now, now, very now, an old black ram, is tupping your white ewe". This speech is significant because it shows racism and sickness to awake Brabantio quicker, I notices how he uses "tupping" to sex as an evil doing. Cleverly after this Iago warns Othello that Barbantio will try to destroy his marriage to Desdemona, but Othello does not fear this as he feels he will win her father over, "Let him do his spite, My services which I have done the signiory, Shall out-tongue his complaints". Othello was enraged by Barbantio's reaction because Othello replies to Iago that he is worthy of her, he deserves her in every way "But that I love gentle Desdemona, I would not my unhoused free condition, Put into circumscription and confine, For the sea's worth". ...read more.


Conflict ignites between Othello and Roderigo secretly as the "honest" Iago stirs up jealousy and hatred slyly. To do this Iago echo's stories of the elopement of Othello and Desdemona and proves also that he hates Othello for this, But remains a friend in Othello's eyes. However Iago tells him of how he got passed over for promotion to lieutenant this results in a large build up of strong jealousy. Still we have Roderigo moaning, telling Iago that he will drown himself "I will continently drown myself" as he cant have Desdemona, so he feels his life is pointless without love, therefore threatens he's capable of suicide at this point. But Iago keeps him on track and explains he is a fool for saying such thing and he should keep some self respect "Ere I would say, I would drown myself for the love of a guinea-hen, I would change my humanity with a baboon", Does Roderigo have any self respect? Iago thinks Roderigo has no self respect,"For I mine own gain'd knowledge should profane, If I would time expend such a snipe, But for my sport and profit". Iago's is the dominant person in this friendship so Roderigo is easily won over to the way that he thinks, Iago is motivated whilst their driven insane and injected with hateful jealousy. Clearly the conflict between Othello and Roderigo is limited but it leads on to a chain of events, as both Othello ...read more.


The handkerchief was once a symbol of his love because it was passed down from his mother but now Desdemona holds it no longer, now she no longer holds it in her hands Othello thinks that she does not love him anymore, he's been betrayed because the gift was a symbol of their love. The largest conflict in the play was the murder of Desdemona, yet he has been tricked but it's too late to take back his actions. I conclude conflict during this play is dependent upon throughout on the lack of trust and faithfulness between characters which was why so much jealousy was built up between them it caused the corruption of Othello's and Desdemona's relationship and her murder. The main reason is Iago conflicts with every character because throughout the entire play he feels the same poisoned jealousy Othello has inside him during the end of the play. He mentions his motives at the beginning of the first scene. He's motivated by Desdemona's beauty "Now, I do love her too, Not out of absolute lust" which he cant have. He's thriving for revenge with suspicion that Othello had slept with Emilia, the feeling is rotting away inside him and he cant bear it, "Till I am Even'd with him, wife for wife, Or failing so, yet that I put the moor, At least into a jealousy so strong, That judgment cannot cure". We now know Ago is the true devil of the story that causes the conflict between every character till he feels satisfied. ...read more.

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