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Other Conflicts/Themes in The Crucible other than Witchcraft

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´╗┐Other Conflicts/Themes in The Crucible other than Witchcraft There are many different conflicts in The Crucible. Most of these conflicts are to do with Abigail Williams and her actions causing lots of other conflicts. One conflict in the play is the affair between Abigail Williams and John Proctor. They had an affair that was only a bit of fun for Proctor but true love for Abigail. Abigail tries to get him to give her a ?soft word? but he rejects her ?that?s done with? and this angers her and causes the conflict to rise between them. This affair also leads to conflict between Proctor and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth knows about their affair but finds it hard to be able to forgive John for his actions and at one point has ?lost all faith in him?. John is also angry with her for not being able ?forget nothin? and forgive nothin??. ...read more.


infancy whilst none of Rebecca?s children or grandchildren have died so she accuses Rebecca of killing her kids as she delivered them. Also Mr Putnam is in conflict with Parris for power as Parris believes he should hold the power as he is reverend of Salem whilst Putnam believes that power should be with him as he is the richest. There are also many themes in the play like Hysteria. Hysteria pushes the boundaries of logic and leads people to believe that absurd things are occurring such as killing babies and seeing the Devil. Abigail profits from these using the situation as a means of getting rid of Elizabeth Proctor by having her imprisoned and having John Proctor for herself. Hysteria become an instrumental theme in this play and in the end is the only way forward for the people of Salem. Reputation is also a very key factor in Salem as it shows the way the town view you but is also very destructive due to the guilty conscience by association. ...read more.


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