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Other side of the dale

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What does the extract The Other Side Of The Dale show about the things the inspector was looking for when visiting a school? An inspector looks at the teachers and the quality of their teaching. In The Other Side Of The Dale Phinn writes the following about one of the teachers mentioned. "She smiled weakly and introduced her self as the teacher of the little ones." "Her hand trembled" These quotes show the teacher was nervous. Later in the piece he comments about her again. "Despite her trembling and frequent blinking at the start of the lesson, she proved to be a good teacher." In this account the inspector notes they have "two classrooms" and uses "one for the infants and one for the juniors". ...read more.


It is on a "cold bleak moor" which was "strange and desolate". Also it had a "grey mist" which "hung low". The setting shows this is based in the North. This is emphasised by the pupils' dialect; "Miss t'watter in t'hen coops froz up last neight. It were as 'ard as Brimham rocks". Phinn is also told by a child, Joseph Richard Barclay, that the moor was the scene of a famous battle which took place "over four hundred years ago, between the round heads and cavaliers. A lot of men perished on that moor. They say the ground was red with blood." This interest in local history is repeated later when another child, Emily, talks about an object her mum found. ...read more.


The log book contains information on the past headmasters of the school. He takes particular interest into the recount of a past inspector. The subjects the headmaster used to teach compared. The interest in the past report is it is negative. "ill-managed by a committee of languid, inept amateurs". Phinn comments on how harsh inspectors could be. But mainly the inspector would look at the quality of the pupils' work. In The Other Side Of The Dale the write notes the work of the pupil's which he sums up by saying "I spent the remainder of the morning listening to the children read confidently and clearly and examined their written work." The structure of the poem relates to the theme which is about the school inspector. The structure of the piece is one of the inspector inspecting something then commenting on Joseph Barclay. ...read more.

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