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Our childhood defines us as adults.

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Our childhood defines us as adults The best time in life is the childhood, it is when we learn the most about life. It is also when each person build up their own personality. Have each one of us ever wondered why we have become the person we are today? It could not be our future because we have not been there yet, so it has to be our past. That is why our childhood defines us as adults. In addition experiences are temporary but the memories of them are forever lasting. If we have a good childhood where we learn what is right and what is wrong then we can separate between good and bad actions. The decisions we make are often based on previous choices along with the consequences and it could also be based on how the parents raises the child. This is clearly shown in the movie "This is England", where Combo behaves in a way that is not logical in connection with his strong opinion. ...read more.


Howell we manage to handle these changes because of our self-esteem. How many people remember how they got their self-esteem? None of them, because it probably comes from our childhood. Furthermore there are scientific theories based on psychological explanations. According to the famous Erikson theory about the psychosocial process, there is a specific theory named "the 8 ages of the human being" which describes the fact that people goes through different phases throughout the lifetime. Every stage provides us with qualities for our personality, depending on how we are raised by our parents, treated by others and the circumstances we live in. Things like trust, confidence, independence, moral and conscience are progressed from our first years of life in either positive or negative directions, to become a basis for us later on in life when we get older. An example is children in ages between 3-6 years, when they are mostly curious about exploring and challenge everything surrounding them. If a child is allowed to try new things and get the chance to make mistakes, then he will learn from his own experiences and become courageous. ...read more.


Each childhood learn us a lot such as knowing what is right and what is wrong. Important elements makes us who we are today, without a family we would not be anything. The fact that our childhood defines us as adults is explained in both scientific theories and analysis from peoples own experiences. Personally I think that our childhood makes us who we are today because the way our parents raised us up and taught us what to do and not to do. All the aspects we had back then comes along when we grow up and becomes a big part of our personality. I also believe that our past keeps following us no matter what, we can try to do the best of it by learning from the mistakes we have done which will only make us either stronger or weaker as a human being. Also we all have childhood memories and we have them for a reason that could be something we have done, felt or learned from. After every rainstorm is sunlight and after every mistake there is a lesson learned. Our childhood defines us as adults and so does the decisions we make. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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