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Our Day Out.

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GCSE Assignment - Our Day Out Willy Russell wrote our Day out in 1977. The story is set in a working class area in Liverpool. The theme of this story is about a group of academically challenged children who go on a trip. The school is an inner city comprehensive school and many of the children come from poor or single parent families. The story tells us the troubles that the children and teachers come across. We also see changes in people's characters, we see how the trip has helped them to change. The aim of the trip is for the to have fun as the children are academically challenged with little chance of passing exams or getting a good job. There are two main teachers in the play; Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs. Both of them have different teaching methods and both of them work in their own way. Mrs Kay has a more sympathetic, caring and lenient attitude to the children, which would explain why the children like her so much. Mr Briggs has a harsh, stern and disciplined attitude to the children again which would explain why the children hate him so much yet fear him also. ...read more.


As the story is about poor school children a perfect setting would have been Liverpool. Also they have a Liverpool accent to show that they are not properly educated which ties in with the character of Mrs Kay. As Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs's professional relationship is sour they do not agree with each other on how these kids should be taught. When Mr Briggs is sitting with a student (Reilly), Mr Briggs points out of the window to the South Docks. Mr Briggs talks about the architecture and the beauty of the buildings. You can tell that Mr Briggs has had a good education. When Mr Briggs looks at buildings he sees the architecture and history of the buildings. When the children look at buildings all they see is a building built from bricks and cement they do not see the architecture and history like Mr Briggs does. Mr Briggs sees the buildings for what they really are, from this alone you can see that he has had a good education. When Reilly sees the Docks all he can see is the workplace of his father. When questioned about what his father thinks about the Docks Reilly replies with "He hates it" you can tell that Mr Briggs is disappointed with this answer as he thinks a lot of the Docks. ...read more.


Mr Briggs thinks that Mrs Kay is being nice and soft to the children just so everyone likes her. Once the audience has heard the conversation they just feel more hatred towards Mr Briggs. This is because Mrs Kay is on the children's side and wants to help them as much as she can unlike Mr Briggs who just wants to shout at them and discipline them. The audience has sympathy with Mrs Kay as she does actually want to help them but they also have a little bit of sympathy for Mr Briggs as he cannot see why Mrs Kay talks to the children like she does. They also have sympathy for him, as he cannot see why the children behave like they do. The characters and language used does contribute to the play, as it is the characters that make the play. The play is about the troubles that the children face while going on the trip. Most of these troubles are caused due to their bad behaviour and their bad behaviour is due to the fact that they are not disciplined or educated enough to realise that one day they could get into serious trouble if they keep on behaving like they do. This story portrays the actual life that many young poor children in Liverpool faced. By Jaspriya Atwal ...read more.

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