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Our Day Out

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Assignment-Our Day Out One of the major themes of the play 'Our Day Out' is the lack of education and opportunity for young people in the inner city of Liverpool. Willy Russell makes the audience aware using scenes in the play. 'Our Day Out' is based on a progress class in the inner city of Liverpool going on a trip to Wales. There where many problems in the 70's like no money for education which means the children leave with no qualifications, and another main problem was unemployment. That affected the children too. The play was originally written for the BBC and was first televised on the 28th December 1977. Russell's background is a lot like the children in his play because he was not bright and he left school with only one O'level. ...read more.


This is a bit of black comedy because we laugh at Carols disadvantages in reading and writing. At the zoo Ronson is saying that the living conditions of the bears are bad and they think about a better life outside of the pit. This tells us that Ronson is trying to tell them about his life in Liverpool. He thinks that his life is like the bears, trapped and has nowhere to go. There are a lot of similarities between the bears and the progress class, like: The bears are 'mad' and bad-tempered and the progress class behave badly and steel, the bears want to be free and the class want to get out of Liverpool and the bears are treated badly and the class have bad living conditions. ...read more.


These all contribute to the drama of the scene. Briggs character changes from the strict, angry teacher to a kind, caring teacher. It is important for the audience to believe that Briggs has changed and it could get better for the class because of the last scene in the play where we are let down and sad that Briggs hasn't changed and is still his mean old self. A day out does not solve anything like problems and answers, just delays them. The major theme in 'Our Day Out' is the lack of education and opportunity shown through out the play in many of the scenes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Neil Shreeve 1 Our Day Out ...read more.

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