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our day out

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The play Our Day Out written by Willy Russell which was originally planned to be on television is set in the early/mid seventy's in the city of Liverpool which at this time was in a real hard struggle because there were industrial disputes, they were the heart of trade at some point because they were rich in trading sugar, cotton and sugar for African slaves, this also meant they were very strong in the slave trade section. Liverpool had many factories for people to work in but there main one was the ford factory which supplied people with 12,000 new jobs but still this wasn't enough because down at the docks 60,000 unemployed people turn up looking for a new jobs and only 20,000 get ...read more.


from some of the words it still sounds the same but is just like lazy speaking but it is also sort of like their slang. When Carol goes to cross the road she runs and Les the lollipop man stops her, initially it seemed like he was going tell her off about almost running across the road but in the end he speaks to her nicely about it, he shows the first example of the Liverpudlian language ' ey you!', both carol and les's language show that they haven't had a proper education because in there sentences they drop letters. To begin with in this first scene it shows les cares for the kids because he see's other children down the road cross, then he tells carol that she shouldn't cross the road without his assistance. ...read more.


This suddenly happens after the cliff scene because then Briggs feels guilty after what carol had said to him. So on the way back willy Russell describes Briggs in a totally different light because it says he has his top button un done his tie pull down and he's wearing cowboy hat that he had won at the fair, this is Briggs in a totally different sense which is a lot nicer. Russell shows action throughout the play. No more so than in the nature versus nurture theme that appears in the zoo (Scene 22). This scene contains the use of allegory and introduces the theme of imprisonment. As revealed by Ronson's discussion of the bear's imprisonment ' "it must know other ways of living...y'know free" '. ...read more.

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