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Our Day Out

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Our Day Out In the play Our Day Out, we come to see two very different personalities, as the teachers clash on a school outing to Conway. The teachers are Mr Briggs (a strict teacher, who is used to teaching more intelligent children) and Mrs Kay (a teacher who identifies with the children's needs). There very different characteristics of the two teachers become apparent in the first four pages of the play, when two older students Reilly and Digga ease their way into the school trip by working 'the head' with Mrs Kay which would never even come to the minds of those involved if it was a trip organised by Mr Briggs. As we can already see this already outlines the 'soft' nature of Mrs Kay. I think the first part of the play were Briggs shows how pathetic he thinks the Progress class is, is when he shows his dislike and disgust for the progress class by nearly collapsing when he hears that a 'kid' has been to the shops to get sweets, here is his reaction to the child getting sweets, 'sweets? ...read more.


At the end of Briggs's conversation with Linda he replies to Linda's ' I don't wanna see no crappy castle anyway', by saying 'Count yourself lucky you're not a lad ', which suggests to me that he is either being slightly sexist or he pointing out that if Linda was a boy he would probably give her a quick 'clip round the back of the head'. If indeed he was being sexist or not it seems as if he is being lenient with her because she is a girl and if she was a boy he would probably hit her. Sometimes in the play, Mrs Kay trusts the children too much and they take advantage of this at every opportunity they get. Briggs has a conversation to Colin about Mrs Kay's teaching methods, it seems as if Briggs wants to get Colin onto his own side by saying that Mrs Kay's ' love and kindness tactic' does not do the kids any good, Colin argues against this theory by saying that all the kids are here for is to have a good day out. ...read more.


This part of the play will shock the audience and it will make them think. At the end of the conversation, Mrs Kay infuriates Mr Briggs by saying that the children are going to the beach. In my view the part in the play where Mr Briggs shows his real talent as a teacher, is when he is trying to get Carol Chandler down from the cliff he acts calmly and shows his real skill as teacher, he changes from a strict teacher to a normal person talking one to one with Carol Chandler, this is a very important aspect to finding out what Mr Briggs's personality is really like. My views on the two characters Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay are that Willy Russell has cleverly created two characters that share certain similarities, For example, they are both suited to their position in the school, and that Mr Briggs is only strict when he gets notified of something which annoys him, otherwise he is a good man. Mrs Kay knows what she is doing when she is teaching the progress class. She lets them have some slack, but in this she also teaches them what they need to learn for the environment of work they would be going into when they are older. ...read more.

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