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Our day out

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Willy Russell was born in Liverpool in 1947. At school Willy was a failure, which made it harder for him to become a writer. When he left school with one English O' level he became a hairdresser. After that had found a temporary job stacking boxes in a warehouse. He returned to school and got A' Level while training to be a teacher. He wrote and produced his first stage play. After 18 months the success of his musical 'John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert' enabled him to write full time resulting in many stage, television and screen plays including 'Stags and Hens', 'One for the road', 'Educating Rita', 'One summer' and 'Shirley Valentine'. The types of pupils that attend the innercity secondary school are children with a poor lifestyle and with unemployment in the family. I think the school is an old building with very little modern resources and broken windows, which is situated near a busy road. The pupils in the progress class are remedial and need a lot of help and are not highly thought of by themselves and by most of the teachers. In Mrs. Kay's view "rejects since the day they were born". In 'Our day out' a class of remedial students go on a trip to a place called Conwy Castle with four teachers, Colin, Susan, Mrs. ...read more.


She is saying that when they leave school they will be stuck with dead end factory jobs for the rest of their lives. She is the complete opposite to Mr. Briggs. Mr. Briggs is tall, with dark hair and in his middle thirties. He is very strict and likes to keep things in order. In his own way I think he's a troublemaker. He never joins in and doesn't like to spend time with the kids. However his style of teaching is more effective. He, unlike Mrs. Kay is determined to teach these children. We know this when he says uplifting things like" What's to stop you working hard at school from now on, getting a good job and then moving out here when you're old enough? Eh?" to Carol on the cliff. Also unlike Mrs. Kay he doesn't think they will all be stuck with factory jobs. Because when Mrs. Kay says that he strongly argues back with" And I suppose that's the sort of stuff you've been pumping into their minds, is it?". He totally disagrees with that because when he is on the cliff with Carol he tells her that "What's to stop you working hard at school from now on, getting a good job and then moving out here when you're old enough? ...read more.


Briggs and Kay would be standing face to face when the argument is taking place, and their egos would collide. Mr. Briggs is the right teacher because when Mrs. Kay says that things like the children are rejects Mr. Briggs doesn't agree and insults Mrs. Kay by saying " Well, that's a fine attitude isn't it? That's a fine attitude for a member of the teaching profession to have". But on the other hand Mrs. Kay's temperament is more well suited because she always joins in, in activities with the children and isn't strict. Even though she seemed soft she stands up to Mr. Briggs well. The scene in the book seemed more tense than the film and before seeing the film I thought Mrs. Kay would be younger maybe in her early late thirties. The play is realistic because the people in the school would probably steal sweets and animas and no one would have control over them, but in real life I'm sure the punishment would be more serious. On the other hand the play isn't realistic because I don't think a young school girl would try to commit suicide on a school trip because she doesn't like where she lives. If the pupils in my school did something like this we would face suspension or would be expelled or severely punished in other ways like isolation. ...read more.

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