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Our Day Out by Willy Russel.

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Our Day Out Our day out is set in an industrial estate in Liverpool. The novel is based upon Willy Russel's first hand experience of teaching at Shorefields Comprehensive School where he taught young adults for a year. The play is to my opinion very realistic, due to the fact that Willy Russel had the experience in life of teaching in a more chilled and relaxing sort of manner. Therefore this revolves around "Mrs Kay", (character in the story) who is very alike Willy Russel and not to mention, I will explain the character "Mrs Kay" later on throughout the duration of this essay. The play is set in a low standard Liverpool where people have no fame or form of life. Not to forget that the play is set many years ago so subsequently not many new technology was around, and to be taught education was a difficult prospect. In the past when the story was written, Liverpool not at its best was a city in many areas degraded, obnoxious and sight seeing was very unattractive. Seemingly that's the reason I suppose the author Willy Russel chose an abnormal country so that the pupils at (school name) ...read more.


Therefore the audience's experiment of knowing which character was born in which habitat is revealed easily as the teachers were the invites to the city and the pupils were the locals born. After reading the novel "our day out", my judgement reveals that Mr Briggs in some form of manner assumes the pupils are similar to microorganisms. Remorsefully, the characters born in the heart of Liverpool have a different accent to many individuals around the mutual country, causing many distractions such as considering the words spoken when watching the play on the BBC channel. Although it may seem like an unwanted heard speech to many allies of myself, it is very exciting to hear the slang language spoken and the accent can be very funny at times, depending on which word has been said. Well, moving on from the introduction of the novel and the characters itself, I will now briefly explain the main events that had occurred throughout the novel. Basically, A teacher has organised a trip for her progress class pupils to go to Wales and enjoy themselves and have fun out in the open but at the last minute set off, the deputy headmaster has joined in to accompany his employee. ...read more.


have his hand raised out for the pupil (Carol) to communicate with. Opinion wise, I think lots of tension rises at this point because the scene is very dramatic and more like an action movie, as there is a life and death situation around the bounds of the character Carol. Describing the whole cliff scene, Mr Briggs went looking for Carol, whilst finding her, terror and horror was rushing past the mind of Mr Briggs's as he tried talking life with Carol such as looking forward in the future and how her career could be extended. But, my point of view is that Carol tried to start a conflict with the deputy headmaster but his instinct was very formal and he changed his attitude towards the self-sobbed person. From this point on, the audience realise that there is some change towards Mr Briggs because on page 49 and line 17 he says, "We'd have to. How would you survive out here?" Subsequently the audience know for a fact that he has to be all kind and more autonomy towards Carol and they also know he changes his attitude completely and leaves his hard emotional effects to a side just to reveal the joyful side of Mr Briggs. That evidence on the sweeter side of Mr Briggs is on page 49 and lines 27 & 28. Irslan Salim ...read more.

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