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"Our Day Out" by Willy Russell.

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"Our Day Out" by Willy Russell "Our day out" by Willy Russell is a play originally designed for television. The play tells of an outing to Conway Castle for the children in the "progress class". These children generally don't get much of a chance to leave the city. They come from broken homes and do not have a lot of money. For them this trip to Wales is a wonderful and exciting experience. In the play Russell portrays conflict between two teachers, Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs who each have different very different teaching approaches and attitudes towards the pupils in their care. The two Teachers, Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs are both very different. Mrs. Kay's approach toward the children is relaxed and caring. She wants to offer the kids all the opportunities she can therefore she treats them with as much respect as she would like to be treated with. Although she is kind and caring, I feel she treats her job as if it is just a game. ...read more.


His character is depicted as the type of teacher who wants to show the pupils whose boss. Tension between the teachers is caused when Mrs. Kay tells the group that they will be visiting the zoo before they go to the Castle. Everybody is extremely happy, except Mr. Briggs who is entirely against the idea. The teachers' attitudes towards the children cause many problems. The children are all very fond of Mrs. Kay as she gives them freedom to wander about on their own. In my opinion this is not entirely the best approach as I feel this would encourage the children to take advantage. At this point Mrs. Kay is portrayed as a very trustworthy person, whiles Briggs on the other hand is the complete opposite. This is what causes the tension between the two teachers. When the group finally arrives at the castle the trouble continues. After many disputes the two teachers come into conflict. The two teachers stand and argue over who has the correct teaching method, which I feel sets a bad example to the children. ...read more.


The minute he arrives back at the beach the audience can immediately see a change in his attitude. He kindly doesn't tell the other teachers what happened so Carol doesn't get into trouble. I feel this is partly because he feels guilty for the way he has acted during the day. At the end to see him crush the film is an unusual twist. I feel he does this as he wants people to continue to see him as the strict teacher he usually is. If they see him as an easygoing fun loving kind of person then they will mess around during his lessons and believe that he will let them off with things. I feel by destroying the film, he is destroying the children's memories of the day, of him having fun. In conclusion I feel the conflict between the two teachers was resolved all through Carol threatening to jump off the cliff. I feel if Briggs was to have more respect for the children he would be more respected by them and they would listen to him more. To see him change back to his usual ways at the end was very much unexpected. Shona Mackenzie Forres Academy Mrs Mitchell W2 ...read more.

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