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'Our day out' by Willy Russell - compare and contrast the characters of Mr.Briggs and Mrs.Kay.

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Maria Lyon 'Our day out' by Willy Russell is set in the inner city of Liverpool in the 1970's. The play opens in a poor comprensive class on the day of a school outing to Wales. The characters are Mrs Kay, Mr Briggs, Colin, Carol, Andrews, Moris, Reilly, Digga, Linda , and Milton e.t.c. The teachers in the school give the impression that they do not really care about the children because they think they will have no future and that if they have no future then there's not really a point of teaching them if there not going to need it. Mr Briggs is a good example of this. Mrs Kay is kinder to the children, but Mrs Kay's discussion with Mr.Briggs she basically says that they have no future, that they were built for factory fodder but the factorys have all closed down. This shows that she knows that they don't have a future, but even though she knows this she is still nice to them. The childrens attitudes are that they are rude, obnoxious, and angry at the world thay live in and dissruptive. They don't really think much of themselves, they think there not really worth much and that they think they will just end up like there parents. ...read more.


He thinks that teachers should not grow close to or become attatched to children. Mrs Kay try's to be friendly and caring because she knows that most of there parents and other teachers give them a hard time so she tries not to be too hard on them. Mrs Kay wants the children to enjoy at least one day out. When they can enjoy themselves and forget about all the things they are used to. The children will be away from the scenery they are used to, which is pollution and houses all one after another. It is a chance for them to see things apart from where they live because most of them have never been out of the enviorment where they live before Mrs Kay understands all this. Mr Briggs though dosent think much of the trip and only came to supervise the children and Mrs Kay and with most things to him this trip is another big waste of time and that it isnt anything usefull in there education. But when the discussion with Carol Chandler on the cliffs takes place Mr Briggs clearly changes and we see a new different side to him. ...read more.


His attitude has changed because at the seaside he could forget about what he is suppose to be and let himself go a bit and have some fun, Once he is back in the surroundings where he lives and is use to, he changes back because he does not want the children or the teachers to see him as nice and friendly, He thinks that if the children like him he will not have control over the children and does not want the teachers to think he is nice because he thinks it is embarrasing. I think that Mr Briggs is horrible but when he changed we saw his better side of him but then turned back to being old fashioned boring and horrible because he didn't want a reputation at the school for being friendly. I think Mrs Kay is much nicer and understands the children better than Mr Briggs ever could and is far more nicer to them. Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay are different I think they both have different views of the children, teachers and the school but in a one way they are the same beause they both know that that most of the children do not have a future but I think there personality's and views are very different. ...read more.

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