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Our day out-essay.

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Our day out-essay. Out day out is a play based on a group of students and teachers. The two main characters are Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs (the teachers). Both Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs have completely different ideas about how the day should be organised. Our day out was written by Willy Russell, who was inspired to write this because after working and having the experience of working at a school in Liverpool called shore field comprehensive. This play was based on Liverpool, in the 1970s. In the 1970s there was a lot of unemployment and a lot of parents were poor. Willy Russell has made his characters to show this. The kids ware seen as to be very cheeky, scruffy and impolite. This is because Willy Russell is trying to make the point of what children were like in the 1970s. Willy Russell has made the character of Mrs. Kay to be very easy going, nice, polite and caring. Mrs. Kay is a very easy going teacher but she listens to her pupils and cares for them. In scene 2 Mrs. Kay shows this by what is said in the play script, "Mrs. Kay has taken off her shoes and has her stocking feet curled up under her. Carol has her arm linked through Mrs. ...read more.


Mrs. Kay has fun with the kids and she can trust them. When Mrs. Kay says "you won't educate them because no one wants them educating," this shows that she thinks they have the right to be educated, Mrs. Kay says "ooh... leave them.... They'll want to stretch their legs and let off a bit of steam," this shows that she lets them do as they wish and wants them to have a bit of fun. Mr. Briggs does not think the children should be trusted. In scene 3 when the bus stops at the shop Mr.Briggs has doubts about trusting the kids. We know this because he questions Mrs. Kay, he says "do you think it is wise just letting them all pour in there at once?" he also says "well I don't know if these people can be trusted on their own, Mrs.Kay?" this is definitely showing his doubt to letting the children to stretch there legs and let of some steam," Willy Russell has made the character of Mrs.Kay to trust the children, and let them have fun, Mr.Briggs proved that both at the Zoo and at the shop, when the children stole food from the shop and stole animals from the zoo. Mr. Briggs says "you act like animals, animals! ... ...read more.


In conclusion to this I have shown that Mr. Briggs and Mrs. Kay have totally different philosophies about teaching. Mrs. Kay has trust and belief in her pupils, whereas Mr. Briggs doesn't have trust in his students and doesn't believe in them at all. This shows that everybody has different philosophies to each other. My philosophy to teaching is that teachers should only be hard on pupils who do not cooperate with them, however teachers should co-operate with there pupils as it is only fair that they treat us how we treat them. Mrs. Kay's philosophies are similar to my philosophy as she treats her students with respect and the children like her because of this. Mr. Briggs's philosophy has lead to students hating him because the way he acts towards them. The character I like best has to be Mrs.Kay as she is kind and understanding and I think schools need more teachers like her. However I also think Mr. Brigg's role is important because schools also need teachers like him otherwise all the student would be out of control. I think that Mrs. Kay is the bets kind of teacher for the progress class because the progress class need someone who can understand their problems that they have at home and in life, and they also need someone who believe they can achieve more in life than growing up to work in a factory. ...read more.

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