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Our Day Out Literature Coursework

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Our Day Out Literature Coursework Our Day Out is a book set in the rundown area of Liverpool. It is set in the year 1977, which is also the year it was written by the author Willy Russel. The book is about a class of intellectually challenged children who go on a school trip to Conwy castle; this is quite special to them because most of them have never left Liverpool. Willy Russel has set out to give more of an incite into these children's lives. His message comes across clearly in the way he shows social conditions of the play. The setting is in the deprived section of Liverpool around the late 70's when there was a lot of unemployment due to the docks closing down. Briggs shows an interest in this and is annoyed by the status of the docks. "There's a wealth of history that won't be here much longer." This shows that Briggs has a love for this part of Liverpool even if he is nasty to everyone who lives there. Because this is causing high unemployment (the closing of the docks), a lot of people are forced to make money from ways they don't really want to. ...read more.


One of the worst examples of this is a young girl called carol, she has only one set of clothes which is her school uniform, her evening wear, her Sunday best and her playing out clothes. This is a bad example of just how deprived some of these children are. Carol is the main character from the play and definitely the one we are made to feel the most sympathy for. Carol is not very intelligent and she shows this by not knowing where Wales is. She has very little idea of it and asks if they will need to catch a boat to get there. This is showing that she has not been taught Geography or has not been taught with the right equipment to let this general knowledge facts stick in her mind. Through out the trip Carol keeps checking to see how long is left this is because she likes it so much there. Carol is talking to Mrs. Kay in one scene about how nice Conwy castle is and they start to talk about how it is different to anything in their area of Liverpool. Carol says; " That's why we never have nothin' nice round our way - cos we'd just smash it up." ...read more.


Eventually Carol realises that it is useless and agrees to come down with Briggs, this is a sad moment because she has to walk away from her dream and start the journey back to the dreary suburbs of Liverpool. The one good thing to come out of the situation is that Briggs has lightened up and started smiling and having a laugh with the kids. At the end of the day the trip has gone how Mrs Kay had wanted and all the kids had a good time even if they did have to return home to Liverpool at the end of it. These children do not stand a good chance in life and maybe 2 or 3 will live fairly successful lives. The writer shows us how he feels the kid's lives will be when he talks about the bear in the pit. I think that this was the most successful part of the play because it used good metaphors to show how the kid's feel and managed to talk about two good subjects at once these being the way bears are born into captivity and kept there, and the way the children live there lives. This does not give direct sympathy but after some careful thought the reader recognizes that the author is talking about a completely different thing and the subject he talks about generates sympathy for the children. ...read more.

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