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Our Day Out. The character who I sympathised the most is Mr Briggs although that he is strict, bossy and annoying I like him because he will teach children

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Our Day Out The title of the play I read was called "Our Day Out," by Willy Russell. The play is about children who are taken on a trip by four teachers and they are on their way to Conway Castle but they stop at many other places such as the zoo, the beach and the fair and all the children are all happy and glad to be out of terrible city of Liverpool so I feel sad for them cause they live in a bad city, when I live in a nice clean neighbourhood. In my essay I shall be referring to the question in the play Our Day Out with whom do I sympathise most Mrs Kay or Mr Briggs. Mr Briggs is who I sympathise with most. The play is set in Liverpool and a school is off on a trip but as they rush off, to pile on the bus but the children were stopped by the driver and Mrs Kay makes the driver feel sorry for the children because they live in poor area and school: "we usually do the better schools." The school is bad as is the town. The progress class is for all the children who have difficulty reading, writing and understanding subjects: "by Christ I'll bet she's kept busy, they're all bloody backward round here," This tells me that most of the children are all quite stupid and dumb and won't gain a real job. ...read more.


There are several incidents through out the day that show very clearly the difference between the two teachers at the cafe and the zoo, first at the cafe. The teachers and children are out to stretch their legs and all the children are at the shops buying but mostly stealing sweets as the shop owners turn their heads they start to fill their pockets. Mr Briggs wants to go in and have a look at what they are doing: "I think we should all be inside, looking after them." So he knows that their must be something going wrong but Mrs Kay says: "oh... leave them." Mrs Kay doesn't mind what the children are doing as long as she is ok. At this stage in the play I think that Mr Briggs shouldn't be with Mrs Kay for he has a responsibility from the Head Master to obtain a good reputation and to look after the children when Mrs Kay just wants to leave them, so they could possibly to be thrown in jail. The next incident is in the zoo which was unplanned to go to by the decision of Mrs Kay. They leave some of the children to go by themselves and the rest went with the staff. Mrs Kay attempts Mr Briggs to go and leave the children alone and she succeeds again. ...read more.


However Mr Briggs' new attitude doesn't last long for when they are in the coach and he gazes at the school, he turns straight back into the one that left to go on the trip with the children. I think he does this in case anyone sees him having fun that they would start calling him more names for he has been strict since they had him in school. In his car he has the film of the photos of the children and him having fun so he destroys the film by unwrapping the film and exposing it in the sun. So he can't be proved by anyone of him having a good time so that's why he destroys the film. At this stage in the play I feel very sorry for Mr Briggs that he has finally had fun on this trip and now he wants everyone just to forget about it. The character who I sympathised the most is Mr Briggs although that he is strict, bossy and annoying I like him because he will teach children compared to Mrs Kay who just wants the children to have fun and doesn't teach them anything to gain qualifications. With Mr Briggs he can have fun at times but doesn't need to be all the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashley Buchanan ...read more.

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