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'Our day out' - Whose style of teaching do you think is the best for the progress class?

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Whose style of teaching do you think is the best for the progress class? In "Our Day Out" The progress class is a class for those with reading and writing problems. In an inner city Liverpool school. The play is set in the 1970's. Introduction Mrs Kay their teacher is a motherly figure towards the kids. She is on the children's side, she prefers the children to have fun rather than focus on their education. She also has a low expectation of the kids. There is proof of this when she says, "its to late for them. Most of them were rejects on the day they were born." Mr Briggs who is very much stricter was sent along to go on the trip by the headmaster, to try and keep things in some sort of order. He does not show a liking towards the children. He is a dedicated teacher, very much the opposite of Mrs Kay (education comes first). The kids think they dislike him until the point with Carol, where he starts to talk. I think he uses a type of mask to conceal his true feelings, but when passion is shown towards him he shows passion out. Firstly I am going to describe Mrs Kay's and Mr Briggs relationship with the kids Mrs Kay treats the children with kindness and passion. ...read more.


I think this statement left Briggs surprised and taken back. Another example of his power is when he first enters the coach when he told all the children just how to behave and to act while on a trip. But this also backfires on him, when the coach leaves all the kids do exactly the opposite to what Mr Briggs had just said. Secondly, I intend to explore both teachers' opinions about discipline Mrs Kay believes the children should be allowed their freedom, and allowed to do things because she realises that using force will not work on the children because they have grown up to not know discipline, it is better for them to be allowed to do what they want like when Mrs Kay says "Ooh...leave them... They'll want to stretch their legs and let off a bit of steam." She concentrates on the best things about them so she feels as though they would never do anything and when they do it just does not bother her. Mr Briggs does not agree with the same idea as Mrs Kay about discipline and rules, he feels they should be under constant watch because they cannot be trusted with anything. In a way Mr Briggs realises that the kids do get in trouble but he does not see the good things about them and so is always ordering them about. ...read more.


She wants life to always be happy. She says, "Why can't I live in one of them nice white houses and do the garden an' that?" Mr Briggs finally realises what the reality of Carol's life will be, and after managing to prevent her falling, wraps his arms around her. Once back on the coach Mr Briggs surprises everyone by saying they can't come "All the way to the seaside and not visit the fair." However once the coach is back at the school he destroys the film that shows him singing with the children. We have to presume that he will revert to his old ways once normal school routine restarts. I believe that Mrs Kay's teaching is more effective because ultimately it gets better results from the class. She is very realistic about the capabilities of her class and the bleakness of their futures, but wants them to have nice memories of school. She has an excellent relationship with all of the children. However, Mr Briggs does not have the imagination to realise how hopeless it is to try and educate the children. He finds it impossible to understand why Mrs Kay is friendly with the kids, and is probably ambitious to further his career. He knows the headmaster does not approve of Mrs Kay's methods, and so he does not allow himself to relax and keep the new relationship with the children, which would have been much more rewarding for both himself and the children. Chris Horridge 11S ...read more.

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