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Our last moments of freedom.

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Short Story Coursework OUR LAST MOMENTS OF FREEDOM "Our last moments of freedom," he said grimly. "Jimmy?" Jimmy wasn't listening to Biff, he was miles away, staring straight ahead. He was remembering it the day that changed his life forever. It was just an ordinary day in Jimmy's life. He was unpacking the boxes at home. It wasn't much of a home; the council had only just moved Jimmy and his daughter, Sasha, on to the estate. They had had to be put on the relocation programme after Jimmy was released from prison. Everybody thought he had shot a security man at a robbery when, in fact he hadn't. It was Mike who had also been at the robbery, but had died during it. Jimmy had always had a mind for brainteasers. He'd always get them right, so he found breaking in to buildings very easy. It was only after Sasha's Mum had died that he'd resorted to crime anyway. 'BRING, BRING, BRING, BRING' The phone interrupted Jimmy's thought process. His heart speeded up as it did with every phone call, just in case anyone had found him. ...read more.


'Well, at last 1 meet the master criminal himself," the man said. 'What have you done with her?" asked Jimmy quietly. "She's fine, if you can help us. 1 need a loan for some .... er, back payments of ours and 1 was wondering if you could help," the man said. "You know that 1 haven't got any money," Jimmy said. "I'm not asking you to give us money out of your own back pocket, I'm asking you to get us some," said the man calmly. "Jimmy's not getting into that rubbish again. He won't do theft," stated Biff firmly. "He will for Sasha," said the man to Biff. He turned back to Jimmy. I happen to have come across a warehouse in the East End where a large amount of Lloyds TSB are storing their 'small' money whilst the merger is still going on. 1 was wondering if you could pop in one night and get me some, as you're so good with money!" he said smugly. "No!" said Biff. I will," said Jimmy to both men. "Good then. Here's the plan of the warehouse. The robbery will take place in two nights' time. ...read more.


Two nights later everything went basically to plan. The cold sweat ran down his face as he ran across the street. The two of them looked just like the workers from the warehouse. Jimmy's stomach turned over as he thought about what he was about to do. I can't do this," Jimmy whispered to Biff. "You'll do what you think's best," replied Biff wisely. The two of them managed to tie up the first security guard and then get to the gates past the other guard. But when the second security guard noticed that the two 'workers' were having trouble using their pass he phoned the police. As the sirens blared and people gathered round, Jimmy and Biff's lives had been tamed upside down. On the prison radio, a report was heard of a young girl's body being found in Jimmy's flat and now the police were charging him with Sasha's murder, Grievous Bodily Harm to the guard and Breaking and Entering, although not Burglary, because they had only just got through the gates when the police had arrived. So, as Jimmy and Biff stood in the dock, what would they be found Guilty or Not Guilty? By Angela Santos ...read more.

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