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Our task involves doing an essay on how we as individuals would successfully direct a certain scene (which in this case is Act Three Scene One) from the very famous play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

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Our task involves doing an essay on how we as individuals would successfully direct a certain scene (which in this case is Act Three Scene One) from the very famous play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Setting: I have decided to set my version of the play Romeo and Juliet in a modern day period. I will set my scene (image) in Africa. The main issue between the Capulets and Montagues will be race. The Capulets are a renowned English family and the Montague's are also a well-known African family whom live in a multi-cultural society in the famous city, Cairo. Race in the society will be conveyed to the audience as a very sensitive issue resulting to a lot of racial hatred amongst the people of Cairo. I have decided to use the language used initially in the play, which in my opinion will be a lot more effective than the modern day English Setting of Stage: The stage will be set as according to the initial setting in the play, which is a public place. I have decided to set the stage as a beach, which in my opinion is an ideal location as a public place. The stage will be filled with people giving the image that it's a public place and in the centre of the stage there will be a division immediately emphasizing to the audience the racial tension amongst this society. At the opening of act 3 scene1, I would advice the actors playing Mercutio and Benvolio to enter from right-hand side of the stage, as it would look more appropriate seen as their racial group is also on the right side of the stage. Mercutio will enter first by making his entrance loud, joyous and vivacious this will be conveyed in the form of Mercutio singing and dancing immediately giving the impression to the audience that he is a very cynical character. ...read more.


Tybalt furiously hits away Romeo's hand with his foot refusing to do any such thing whilst reading lines 59-60 in a very angry and aggressive tone of voice: "Buy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done to me, therefore turn and draw" Romeo's response to the above speech read by Tybalt is a shock to everyone in lines 61-65. Mercutio, who is angry by Romeo's refusal to fight, challenges Tybalt and provokes him once again in a sarcastic but serious tone, in the following lines, lines 66-68: "O calm, dishonourable, vile submission! 'alla stoccata' carries it away [Draws] Tybalt you rat catcher, will you walk? Tybalt accepts with pleasure the invitation for a fight and draws his gun happily. Tension between the two characters is very strong as both characters look eye to eye as their anger rises. Romeo runs forward from right stage to centre stage in between the two characters pleading them to stop, facing Mercutio, Romeo reads lines 78-81 in great agony holding Mercutio's hand to show his love and affection for his dear friend and pleads him to put away his gun. Two gunshots are heard on stage, one shot by Tybalt and the other by Mercutio to signify they are both ready for a fight. Romeo is forcefully removed from Mercutio by him but reluctant to move away Romeo comes back resulting to Romeo and Mercutio on the floor with Romeo on top trying to remove the gun from his friend's hand. Tybalt watches the two friends in amusement and sees an ideal opportunity in seeking revenge from Romeo whilst he was on the floor. A gunshot is heard and there is silence on the stage, the lights go out, a loud scream is heard and people running of stage. The lights are put on again very shortly at a very dim shade; lying centre stage is Mercutio with Romeo, Benvolio and his other associates. ...read more.


Benvolio explains in detail how Romeo came between Mercuito and Tybalt during the fight and as a result Mercutio was wounded under Romeo's arm. He then moves on to saying in the last lines of his speech, lines 154-165 how the devastated Romeo confused in his emotions over the death of Romeo, he kills Tybalt. It is important that the characters tone of voice does not change during this time because Romeo is a friend of his. Benvolio must maintain his serious and confident tone, as this is a huge reflection to his character. The speech ends at line 166 where Benvolio swears the account of the murders is true. The tone used for this final part of the speech is very trusting and again serious; "This is the truth, or let Benvolio die" After Benvolio's account of the incident that occurred Lady Capulets speaks furiously in a bitter tone of voice, not accepting his account of the incident simply because he's a Montague. She also declares once again to the Prince that Romeo must be given the Capital Punishment and nothing less. Hearing Lady Capulet, Lady Montague cries out aloud that Romeo is not to blame for his actions but Tybalt. Her tone is very serious and pleads the Prince for not capital Punishment. Lady Montague is in tears afraid of what her son's future holds for him and is being comforted by her husband. There is silence on the stage just before the Prince gives the final verdict. The verdict is said in a sorrowful tone but also serious tone as both families were informed of the consequences of such severe actions. The Montagues cry out a loud emphasizing their response to the verdict, whilst the Capulets leave the stage after the Prince (left side stage) not satisfied with the verdict. Benvolio puts his head down, speechless in response to the verdict. The lights go off and the curtains falls, Act 3 scene 1 ends. Romeo And Juliet 1 Samina Iqbal 11P ...read more.

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