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Our World: An Analysis of the Black Eyed Peas Where Is the Love?

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Our World: An Analysis of the Black Eyed Peas "Where Is the Love?" "Wrong information always shown by the media Negative images is the main criteria Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria Kids act like what they see in the cinema." These are lyrics taken from the song, "Where Is the Love?" written by the Black Eyed Peas. These few sentences explain how the media is influencing everyone in negative ways. Children in our world or acting on to what they are seeing on the television. Although this verse provides a statement for people to agree with, in today's society it is easier to blame the media for the problems of today, than to have to think about alternative reasons. This music genre can be used as a medium to express important, positive messages that most people do not normally talk about. ...read more.


The writers are not only trying to inform, but also to encourage and inspire their listeners. This makes music an ideal medium to communicate an anti-war message about what is happening in our world and to our world. These are things that need to change! Everything that is being portrayed from, "Where Is the Love?" reflects on what is happening today by our society. The lyricists mention war, racism, terrorism, inequality and the bad influences. All of these problems are occurring in our world, today. Now, there are wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the United States for example, there are families that are living a very wealthy life when there are families in Africa, for example, who are living a life with no money or food this represents inequality and to represent the bad influences, celebrities and models are persuading young girls to follow their examples of the way they act and the way they look. ...read more.


I would listen to it so much that I knew it off my heart. Now, when I listen to it, I could visualize all of the horrible situations that the Black Eyed Peas are describing in the song. When I was nine I wasn't able to interpret the fact that everything that the Black Eyed Peas are singing about in "Where Is the Love?" is actually describing what was and is happening to our world. Hopefully someday, all of the drama in the world will finish. I hope that the destruction between one side against the other, hate and selfishness won't exist. In the future, I prospect that our society will ask themselves, "Why do we do it?, What have we done wrong?, What are we doing to ourselves?" We need to bring peace and love to make our world a better place! ...read more.

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