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Out of nowhere we stopped with a jolt, the doors flung forward and instantly provoked a reaction from everyone around me.

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PAI Unit Damage on D-Day As I saw the sun awakening and starting his climb to the top of the sky, my eyes wandered off to the people next to me. Simon Biggs, my best friend from primary school was sitting next to me. I could hear him whispering a prayer; I could also smell the foul stench of fear in the air. As I reached for my water canteen I couldn't stop my bare, ice-cold, blistered hands shivery profusely. As the water quenched the thirst in my parched throat, it was as if Moses had once again let the water wash down on the dry sea bed of the Red Sea. I try to find a happy place with my family. A putrid stink wafts into my nostrils and as my feet start to get damp. I look towards my shoes and see them engulfed in vomit. Simon had been sick, again. As the sick seeps through the wholes in my socks its warms my feet a little, contrasting with my freezing body. Then silence, D-Day had begun. ...read more.


As he places his foot down onto the wet sand, a click is heard, the land mine explodes. One more distraught mother. I look back towards the sea, at the boats gracefully floating through the blood red waves, I see three old soldiers making a dash out into the sand. As the last one jumps out onto the beach, he falls backwards as a bullets tear into his chest, his face drains of colour and his body stiffens in mid air. As he falls his eyes are still open, surprised, he falls into the sea along with the rest of the dead drifting bodies. His friends run on, not noticing the body now floating out to sea like a piece of driftwood, one of them jumps behind a tank trap and screams at his friend, telling him to hurry. In a flash the running man falls on his stubby legs, blood pouring from his knees, bullets still ripping though his flesh. ...read more.


My heart drops the pit of my stomach when I hear another blood curdling scream; I look across the battlefield and see that it had come from a mangled body writhing in pain. My heart sinks as far down as my frostbitten toes. Simon is laying there in a pool of blood, shoulder hanging on by a thread, stubs where his legs should be. As his pale blood soaked face looks up at me I hear him say two words. "Kill me...." As I look into his eyes, I remember when we were in school, college, I remember his face when we signed up for the army; happy, enthusiastic. My mind veers back to the present; I see his face, red with blood, screwed up in pain. I load my gun. Point it at my best friend. Squeeze the trigger. Silence. "They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old, Age shall not wary them, at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them." Silence. ?? ?? ?? ?? Robert Foard 10E 28/2/08 ...read more.

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