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Out Out Poem Analysis

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OUT OUT It is evident that though at the start, a boy is mentioned, the further the poem goes on, when tension systematically rises and chaos unfolds, more people are introduced, as if replacing the boy with themselves and the terror of the situation, despite it involving the boy the most. He is almost substituted and mentioned less and less in direct comparison with the other minor roles of other characters. The start of the poem almost seals the boy?s fate due to the innocent tones which exude inevitable misadventure in the near future. This is suggested, if not implied, by the poems simplistic underlying overall message conveyed about everyday life. ...read more.


This suggests that the author wants the reader to question the reason, cause and sheer inevitability of the event. Frost uses different stylistic devices throughout his poem. He is very descriptive using things such as imagery and personification to express what he wants to say. Frost uses imagery when he describes the setting of the place - a boy sawing some wood. He tells his readers the boy is standing outside by describing the visible mountain ranges, and sets the time of day by saying that the sun is setting. Frost gives his readers an image of the boy feeling pain by using contradiction words such as "rueful" and "laugh" and by using powerful words such as "outcry". ...read more.


His variation in the lengths of his sentences almost reflects the boy's life for when the boy is still alive and healthy, the lengths of Frost's sentences are much longer then they are when the boy is dying. It is Frost's style of writing that makes his readers feel as if they are part of the poem, as if the events in the poem are truly taking place and the readers are merely people who are standing by and watching it all. It is his writing which allows him to make an allusion between the story of a tragic boy and the story of a tragic hero. It is his writing which makes his poem so unique. The poem embodies and accentuates how mishap is habitually consequential upon the naivety of others. It also exemplifies common faults of todays society that occurs in everyday life (to a lesser extent). ...read more.

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