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Outline and explain Christian beliefs about marriage. Marriage is a solemn contract made between a man and a woman who love eachother, and

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Outline and explain Christian beliefs about marriage. Marriage is a solemn contract made between a man and a woman who love eachother, and their love is an image of God's love for everyone. The marriage contract is made holy in the sacrament and the benefits of the new covenant are represented, sealed and applied to every-day life. Marriage expresses love for eachother and love for God publicly. Marriage unites people in love and God in the grace of the sacrament. One of the key beliefs for all Christians is that it's exclusive. Within the marriage ceremony, the couple are asked, "Have you come to give yourself to each other freely and without reservation?" This question outlines the importance of exclusiveness within marriage because marriage demands faithfulness to that one person a partner has declared their utmost love and respect for. The vows are a 'covenant' - an unconditional gift, of the whole of oneself to another person; the person who they will cherish for eternity. Also in the marriage ceremony, the blessing states, "Keep them faithful to you and to eachother and let them be living examples of Christian life" On the Sermon on ...read more.


For example, if a partner was unfortunate enough to get Alzheimer's, they should still cherish the love that they have with their partner, even if it isn't the original love they first felt. The disease doesn't change the spirit they first fell in love with, so the disease shouldn't change the other partner. Finally, "Till death us do part," perhaps the most important part of the vows; meaning that the couple should love each other and continue their marriage until one of them dies, so that the marriage will have the long life that God wants. An additional important Christian belief is the permanence of marriage. In the marriage ceremony, permanence is highlighted in the marriage vows; "Till death do us part." This is the ultimate confirmation that permanence is a key aspect of marriage. The vows are a covenant and so to go against them has consequences. The vows are the actual moment of the sacrament and are a significant reflection of the marriage outlook they should have. Permanence is also found in the questions asked by the Priest; "Will you love and honour eachother for life?" ...read more.


Different Christian denominations take different reasons on whether they can re-marry. Many of free churches believe marriage ends with the death of love and they accept divorce because it's in the Christians best interest to have their marriage blessed. However, Catholic's don't accept divorce under any circumstances. Anther important Christian belief is the life giving potential of the sacrament of marriage. Sex is the reward for a successful marriage and should not occur without the intention to continue God's creation. In the marriage ceremony, the couple are asked "will you accept children lovingly from God?" This is paramount in marriage as children are at the heart of God's creation and the love of eachother leads to the generation of new life. Also, Pope Paul VI said, "every marriage act must remain open to the transition of life." This outlines the authoritative teaching of the Church. Overall, all Christians, and I, believe that marriage is a permanent, life giving and exclusive and Roman Catholics believe that marriage is made holy in a sacrament. When two people truly, deeply love each other, the joy marriage brings them is like no other. After all, it is God's plan for most for us. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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