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Outside the small seaside village of Polperro lived a woman called Mary and her husband Dave.

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My Dream Outside the small seaside village of Polperro lived a woman called Mary and her husband Dave. ***** "Mary, Mary, come quick Rupert's hurt," shouted a very rushed Dave. Mary came down in her usual un-ladylike manner. They hurried off to see Rupert. When they got to the stables they saw their maid Sarah talking to the vet. There was a second's silence as the vet and Sarah realized that Mary and Dave were there. The vet then started to explain to them that the horse had tried to jump over the fence, in order to see a mare in the next field, and had not quite made it. He had fallen on his shoulder and had broken his leg in three places and shattered his shoulder bone. Even Mary, to whom the horse was a favorite, agreed that the horse would have to be shot. The vet took out his gun and asked Mary if she would be staying, or if she would go back down to the house. ...read more.


"Hi, where have you been, we were waiting for you? Inquired Mary. "We had difficulty unloading Pepper. You know what he's like, always wants to get in the horsebox but never out," explained Hannah. "Why did you bring him anyway? I thought we were going on my horses?" said a puzzled Mary. "Well ............ we heard about Rupert", there was a pause, "and as Pepper was always your second favorite we thought we would bring him over for you to ride. By the way have you had your hair cut?" asked a smiling Charlotte trying to change the subject. It was true Mary had, had her hair cut, Mary's long black silky locks had been cut into a shoulder length bob, Dave had been very upset by this and Charlotte mentioning her hair reminded her of the argument they had had. "Where's Dave?" asked Zo� suddenly. It took Mary a couple of seconds to register what Zo� had just said. ...read more.


Most of the horses, apart from Gypsy, trotted, as they wanted to get back home. When they arrived home they untacked the horse and left them in a field to cool down before being groomed. The friends went into the house and Mary made tea and biscuits for them all. As they were sitting drinking there tea, they heard footsteps and barking from outside. The banged loudly and Dave appeared followed by 3 sheep-dog puppies. Mary froze, too excited to speak. Dave smiled and said, "yes these are for you," Mary's face broke into a huge smile, she had wanted dogs for ages but Dave had never had been keen on the idea. He stepped forward and kissed Mary on the cheek and said," I couldn't bear to see you unhappy, it was worth it to see you smile". ***** In a small village called Fetcham an alarm clock awakes a girl of 15. She gets up, showers and gets dressed. At the breakfast table she starts to tell her Mother all about her lovely dream. ...read more.

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