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Overview of characters

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An epic story of a pair of star-crossed lovers whose love ultimately ends in a tragic affair, Romeo and Juliet is a play written by English playwright and writer William Shakespeare. Through the years, the story of this maligned couple has influenced pop culture, paving the way for movies and other television shows that feature a similarly constructed plot. Romeo and Juliet paints a picture of love in its purest and most passionate form. Love between a couple who were victimized by circumstances and factors beyond their control. ...read more.


Hence, given the intensity of her love towards Romeo, Juliet transformed into becoming an independent person capable of doing anything just for the sake of her feelings. Analyzing the characters in a much bigger perspective, Romeo is a perfect paradigm of unpredictability. Romeo's personality is very complex but at times his actions and decisions are predictable - a representation perhaps of the peculiarity of men. At the start of the play, Romeo isn't immediately in love with Juliet. He's into someone else named Rosaline, but the latter was not interested in Romeo. ...read more.


Now comes Juliet, who was supposed to marry Paris. However, in a rare night when the stars aligned for our two star-crossed lovers, Juliet met Romeo and in an instant, the purest form of love was in fruition. Juliet is quite an enigma. She personifies the typical woman who can be as nice or fierce depending on what's on the line. In the end of the story, both protagonists take their lives due to their undying love for each other. However, the scene of Juliet's death shows greater courage as she stabbed herself directly in the heart - a scene that I think makes her love for Romeo sacrificial to a far greater extent. ...read more.

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