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P’tang Yang Kipperbang

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20th Century Text Coursework The play "P'tang Yang Kipperbang", is set in 1948. Most of the play is based around a grammar school. Adolescent passions and teenage anxieties are also a main theme in the play. The play is about a boy called "Alan Duckworth" trying to get a kiss from a girl called "Ann Lawton". The play deals with a lot of teenage issues like anxiety, love and even something as controversial as masturbation! The characters in the play make it very entertaining. The main character is "Alan Duckworth". Alan is a shy boy who would do anything for a kiss with "Ann Lawton", a girl in his school. He is very naive when it comes to the big wide world. For example when he treads on a spider and lots of babies come out, he thinks it's a miracle, but in fact he has just given it a forced caesarean. Alan is very self-conscious. This shows in scene 14, when Alan starts telling Tommy, the grounds man, that he has red hands, chewed nails, a thin neck etc... ...read more.


He also let the whole school down because he does not kiss Ann at the end of the school play, and if all those problems aren't enough he has to constantly struggle with his feelings for Ann. Alan dreams a lot. He dreams about kissing Ann. He believes that if he doesn't masturbate God will let him kiss her. He tries so hard to stop masturbating he wears a boxing glove in bed so he can't get a grip! Jack Rosenthal, the author, has used John Arlott's commentary to voice Alan's thoughts and feelings out loud. This is particularly effective on a television. Jack Rosenthal has created John Arlott's commentary in the style of a cricket match. For example when Alan is feeling happy or pleased the cricket game is going well and lots of points are being scored. In contrast, when Alan is feeling bad or down, the cricket game is going badly, players are going out and the scoring is low. I personally think that Jack Rosenthal has found a very effective way of putting across Alan's feelings. ...read more.


Tommy, the grounds man, also seems to have a split personality. Everyone sees him as just the grounds man when in fact he is a deserter from the war. He was only in the East Lancheshire regiment for 3 weeks when he ran away. Both Ms. Land and Tommy are summed up when the headmaster says "the dichotomy of appearance and reality". Alan really looks up to Tommy and he is heart broken when he finds out his nly role model is a fake. The setting for the play is a 1948 Grammar school. This provides lots of different settings in one place. For example there was the cross-country run, the P.T. lesson, the classrooms, the toilets etc... There are a lot of things mentioned in the play, which makes it obvious that the play is set 1948. For example the light hearted graffiti in the toilets, the cane, the names of people and other things. Jack Rosenthal uses several techniques to make the play more interesting. He only makes short scenes because the play was made for T.V. Over all I really enjoyed reading the play and I will read some more of Jack Rosenthal's plays if I can. Steven Crawford Page 1 ...read more.

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