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Palms, beautiful beaches, parties, dancers, cabarets... Was that what Cuba was?

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ENGLISH COURSEWORK By Giovanni Berzuini Palms, beautiful beaches, parties, dancers, cabarets... Was that what Cuba was? Seemed pretty good at first sight, but nothing much different from other holiday resorts me and my family have been to in the past few years. I mean, not criticising but, I don t think it s worth all the fuss my dad is making about it: " It' s different, it's different from other places", that's what my dad is being saying for the last three weeks. These words have echoed in my ears like thunder since he had the mad idea of launching us into the middle of the Caribbean without a clue where to go or where to stay. My mom doesn' t even try to challenge him anymore: he got this idea fixed in his head, and not even the best screwdriver in the world will be able to take it out. " So guys, tomorrow's the big day, are you ready?" roared my dad, like an angry lion. "We sure packed our staff, BUT I DON'T SEE HOW IT WILL BE OF ANY USE TO US,SINCE WE DON T EVEN HAVE A PLACE TO STAY, THERE!" " Calm down, Luisa, I got some friends at Habana; they'll give us food and a place to sleep." There they go again, when my parents have an argument, being anywhere near them, is just as dangerous as assisting to a fight between tigers... ...read more.


she said in spanish. "You must be Giovanni, the new guest" "Yes", I mumbled. I was still staring at that girl who somehow caught my attention so much, when from an other room someone called her. " See you later" she said living the room. She must have had about my age, or near it anyway... My mom's voice recalled my mind back to earth. She wanted me to meet Ren�. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes:. He was a nice person, around his middle twenties, I suppose. He and his family that evening invited us for a quick visit of the city, on their brand new car, to give us an impression of what the atmosphere was like. Ren� explained to us, that it was very rare that a family had their own car, and that he managed to afford one because of his job promotion. His eyes were shining with proudness when he when he was saying that, almost like a kid after his first date with a girl. The building in which our apartment was, gave on the "mal�con": the street right next to the sea. You could see some kids playing football on the pavement, and their mom sitting on the bench in front of them. She was telling them off for nearly kicking the ball into the sea. ...read more.


Before you'll forget me", these words came out suffocated from her mouth. " I won't, I promise you" , I answered She smiled at me one more time, with that same captivating smile, nearly magic, that caught my attention the first time I saw her and hugged me one last time: I felt the same sensation as when I hugged her before the concert, I could see the whole city shining right behind her, that was the last time I would saw it, for some time. She picked up her bag from the floor and walked away, she turned around and looked at me, saying something, but I couldn't see her face because her hair, moved from a gust of wind, covered it. The next morning I had to get up very early, but I could take one last look at the place I spent the most time at, with Aylin: The top of the roof near the swimming pool. I could only spend a few seconds there because the driver was waiting at the bottom of the building, and it took a fairly long time to et down. The driver's car still had that same smell of cigars, as it had the first time I stepped in it. I could see for one last time the building, the mal�con and the waves crashing onto the seashore , before the driver took that turn and all those things disappeared, leaving only the view of the road and of the airport that you could see in the distance. ...read more.

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