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Pan's Labrynth - Captain's Task

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Captain's Task: "Leave us now, my honest guards. Go and nag the pathetic cook to make me something appetizing for my lunch. Now, back to you Mercedes, I have always thought you were someone I could trust, someone I could rely on." Mercedes cowered helplessly against the stony wall as the Captain slowly shadowed over her. His beady black eyes glared ferociously at her as he spoke, "You and me, we had a special trust, what happened?" His face filled with concern. He then turned around, with his back facing towards her, poured 2 generous glasses of alcohol in and put them on a tray. Mercedes took the hidden knife from her neatly pleated dress and cut the tight rope from her tiny hands. "I grew up and realised what a ruthless, greedy pig you are." She replied bluntly. The Captain's face flushed a bright red. His horrifically big eyes bulged out of their sockets as he struggled to keep his big hands off of Mercedes' petite face. ...read more.


One of the guards shouted. Mercedes knew he was shouting for her, but her heart told her to keep running. As she ran tiredly up the hill, the Captain had caught up. "GET HER YOU USELESS PARASITES!" Within 2 minutes of the Captain's screaming catastrophe, there were 20 men on horses charging up the hill for Mercedes. "I will kill that Captain, even if I have to die trying." Mercedes whispered to herself. Mercedes ran and ran, faster and faster, as the hill got steeper and steeper. She came to an abrupt hold as the hill began to flatten. The Captain was right; there was no-where she could hide. "Hello my pretty, what a surprise to see you up here?" Cooed the first guard on a huge horse twice the size of her. He was also armed with several ferocious guns. "If you come any closer, just watch..." ...read more.


By now, Juan was sitting on the bare ground smoking a cigar, with his incredibly long legs up and resting on a huge rock. "How many times have I told you to stop smoking!" Screeched Mercedes. "HEY! I'm the one who just saved your life, give me a break! I do the hero thing for once, ad I still get told off!" Juan took a long puff on the cigar, and the passed it onto another rebel. "Look, I don't want you getting hurt, so make sure you take care of yourself. I won't always be there to look after you, so remember that." Mercedes stood straight, smoothed her creased up dress and gave her brother a hug. "I will go and finish my duty, and you go finish yours, ok?" "Si, si, mi hermana, I will succeed. Do not worry," Reassured Mercedes' brother. Slowly, Mercedes walked off into the sunset, where a huge mission awaited her. She and her brother would just have to wait and see what would happen. By Sehar 10J 1 ...read more.

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